December 8:
Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your patience! It was difficult to juggle all these pictures.I just finished creating the VoiceThreads! I wanted to wait until I had all the pictures, but I felt bad making everyone wait. So...
They are done and posted on the Wikispace. Each Voicethread is embedded on the page along with the story.
If you go to the instructions page on the Wiki: you can scroll down and watch a screen cast about how to record the students to go with your pictures. You are only recording your part of the story with your pictures. You can break up your part of the story to read a section of it with each picture.

I had about 500 pictures and I am bound to have made a few mistakes with the placement of the pictures. Please visit the page for your story and be sure that your pictures are in the VoiceThread and in the correct order. Let me know if changes need to be made.

If you have not sent your pictures, send them as soon as you can and I will add them.

Also, if you would like to create a cover page for your story's VoiceThread, that would be awesome! You could include the title and the names and locations of the participating schools. You can add whatever other details you would like. It could be sent to me as a .jpg, .pdf or a .doc If you want to do this, it is important that you send an email to the people in your group so I do not get more than one for each story. Send it to me and I will replace the cover page with your new, improved one!

I hope you take some time to explore the other stories too. I was truly amazed by the creativity with the illustrations and the wonderful stories that were written. I'm also so excited about how many classes have connected to "meet" using Skype and even set up other projects to do together.

Thanks so much for being a part of this project! I will keep emailing updates as I get more pictures and title pages put into the VoiceThreads.


December 6:

Hi Everyone!
I have almost all of the pictures now. I will put the VoiceThreads together over the next couple days and start to embed them onto the Wikispace. Each VoiceThread will be embedded on the appropriate page on the Wikispace. Check by Thursday to find them. When I am done, I will also send out an email letting you know about how to record on the VoiceThreads.

Thanks for your patience and if I don't have your pictures yet, please send them as soon as you can.

Also, I finally started my blog that I have been wanted to start for years. My first post is about this project. I absolutely LOVE this project and plan to continue doing it, but I would love your input, thoughts and suggestions about ways to be more efficient and effective. If you have time to read and respond, please leave your comments on the blog: http://karenditzler.wordpress. com/

November 23:
Hi Everyone!

First of all, I read through most of the stories last night with my sons and we had so much fun! We laughed and really enjoyed them. We cannot wait to see the pictures all put together and hear the students read them on the VoiceThread.

I organized all the pictures I received and I reviewed the stories for completion. I am attaching a spreadsheet that tells who still needs to write, give titles and send pictures. Please review the chart and find out if there is anything that you owe.

There are a few stories (marked with *) that I have to find classes to finish. They are mainly 4th-5th grade classes. If you or someone you know would like to hop in and finish any of them, please let me know ASAP. They would need to be done by December 3.

Also, I will be putting the Voicethreads together between now and December 5. I need all the pictures for the story in order to include them in the VoiceThread. Please send them ASAP.

If you would like to create a cover page for your story's VoiceThread, that would be awesome! You would need to include the title and the names and locations of the participating schools. You can add whatever other details you would like. It could be sent to me as a .jpg, .pdf or a .doc If you want to do this, it is important that you send an email to the people in your group so I do not get more than one for each story.

Thanks so much for your participation! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
:Karen Ditzler

October 28:
Hi Everyone!

First of all, thank you to everyone for doing such a great job getting our stories started! I know that sometimes things happen and we have to make adjustments. Please communicate with the teachers in your group so you are all on the same page.

I'm happy to hear about all the connections being made. Many classes are meeting via Skype. If you need ideas for what to focus on during a Skype chat, visit the Extension Activities page: http://writeyourstory. Activities Also, please add pictures or information to your story page to share how you connected.

There is no rush on the pictures. I just need to have all of them by the time the last part of the stories are written, so just send them whenever they are done.
The pictures I have received are INCREDIBLE! Some are done on the computer (Kidpix, Tux Paint, etc). Some are beautiful drawings. I have even freceived pictures that are collages, paintings, and pictures of cut out characters with real props. Feel free to be creative! Also, when you send the pictures to me, please label each picture (EX- story25section2picture1 ). If you label the pictures this way, it will be soooo much easier to organize them for the voicethreads and then I do not have to rename them. THANKS!!!


October 24:
Hi Everyone!

I just read the most awesome story starters! WOW! I'm so impressed with the creativity!

An idea to share: You could have each child choose a story that is started and write the ending. The they can check back and compare their story to their ending.

I you are assigned for the first week and you have not posted your part yet, please do so ASAP so the next class can write this week. If you have a problem with getting it done, please let me know so I can make adjustments. Stories that are not done-27, 30 31, 33, 35, 38

Please share ideas for lessons, extra activities connected to the project, ways you connected with other classes, etc on the Extension Activities page.


October 17:
Hi Everyone!

The groups are done! Please visit the wiki to find out when your class is assigned to write. The easiest way to find your classes is to type your last name or school in the search box. http://writeyourstory.

I will apologize now if there are any mistakes. If you need to change anything on the chart, please do so. Also, feel free to add info about your Skype name, Twitter name, school website, blog, etc. Please communicate with your group members.

Many of you are working with multiple classes. I labeled them by classes and grade levels. Please make sure that you can find all of your sections.

You can send the pictures as soon as they are done. I will need 3 pictures from each class that illustrate your section of the story. Please be sure to send them to and label them EX-(story23section4picture1). They should be in the .jpg format. This will make putting the 40 Voicethreads together much easier. Thanks!

Also, please add ideas, resources, plans or anything else you would like to share that you do along with this project on the Extension Activities page on the wiki. http://writeyourstory. Activities

Have fun writing!!!

October 15:
Hi Everyone and Welcome to the Progressive Story Project! I am really excited to get started this year. I see many familiar names, as well as many new ones, on the registration list. We have 200 classes involved. Eight countries and 21 states or represented.

I will be working hard over the weekend to get everyone placed into groups. Groups will not be final until Monday, October 18. Please check then to find out which group you are in. You can type your name or school into the search box on the wiki to find it faster.

I did a short screencast with directions for joining and editing the wiki. This can be viewed on the Instructions Page on the wiki.

Please feel free to contact the other members of your group if you would like to collaborate further. I know many classes met via Skype to learn about other places and to find other ways to collaborate on projects. We even had a class here (PA) who came into school in the evening to Skype with a class in Australia. It was an incredible valuable experience for everyone!

If you do any other lessons that stem from this project, please feel free to add them to the Extension Activities page on the wiki. You can add ideas, resources, or lesson plans. It would be great to share!

Also, this project with be featured in the Special Report about Classroom Technology (January) put out by Converge Magazine.

Please be prepared to do your part on the week that you are assigned. It is difficult to make changes and switch things around if we are not on schedule!
Thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions!

Karen Ditzler