Progressive Stories (Spring 2009)
The Mystical Magic Tree

One sunny day in the Amazon Rainforest Gloria the Gorilla, Andrew the Monkey and Philbert the Parrot were relaxing on a tree branch thinking about how to spend their day. “I know, we could go exploring near the Amazon River and waterfalls,” exclaimed Andrew. Gloria replied, “No way! No one has ever been there before, that’s too risky.” Philbert squawked, “No way! No way!” Andrew suggested, “Come on guys, we can look out for each other.” So, Andrew swung out of the tree and started walking toward the river and waterfalls. Gloria sobbed, “Well, I can’t let you go alone.” So, Gloria followed and Philbert perched on Gloria’s shoulder and squawked, “Big risk, big risk!” As they were walking to the river they started to feel really hot. Gloria said, “Look! There is a shady tree to rest under.” Philbert squawked, “shady tree, shady tree." As Andrew leaned against the tree a hole appeared and he fell through. Philbert quickly flew after him. Then Gloria nervously chased after the both of them into the tree. Immediately, they all slid into a secret room inside the tree. All the buttons inside the mystical tree amazed Andrew. Meanwhile, Gloria was moving cautiously while trying to get out of the tree, so they wouldn’t get into trouble. Philbert was frantically circling the room and accidentally hit his head against a button.

All of a sudden the tree turned into a giant robot! Gloria, Andrew, and Philbert found a secret passageway, jumped out of the robot, and started to run away. The robot chased after them, but tripped over a vine and fell into the Amazon River! "Good, he is gone!" said Andrew. "Good, he is gone, he is gone," repeated Philbert.They were so close to the river and there was quicksand. Andrew then stepped into it! Gloria grabbed a green, leafy vine and threw it to Andrew. He grabbed it and she pulled him out. "Yeah, you are safe now!" said Gloria. "Thank you for saving my life!"exclaimed Andrew. Andrew had brown quicksand all over his legs and feet. So, Andrew jumped into the river to clean the quicksand off of his legs. While he was washing off, he ran into an alligator. The alligator approached Andrew and said, "Hi. How are you doing?"

Andrew said, “hello.” “What is your name?” “Abby Alligator,” said the alligator. Abby Alligator explained to her new friend that she was very lonely in the Amazon River because her best friend Timmy Turtle just moved to Florida to be with his father. Philbert and Gloria came over to see who Andrew was talking to. “Well hello,” said Abby Alligator. “I am Abby, it is a pleasure to meet you both.” After everyone introduced themselves, Andrew had a brilliant idea! “Let’s have a pool party!” “Pool party, pool party," squawked Philbert. “I love parties,” chanted Gloria.
Andrew gathered fruit, Gloria decorated the party place, Philbert flew around to spread the news, and Abby collected fish for dinner. At dusk everyone went for a swim and played Marco Polo. After that, Gloria started a fire and Abby prepared the fish. Philbert busted a move and began to DJ the party. Everyone was having a blast. All of a sudden Philbert saw these big, bulging, red eyes emerging from the water. “Red eyes, red eyes,” squawked Philbert!

Then from nowhere the robot that had earlier been chasing them sprang from the water toward Gloria, Abby, Andrew, and Philbert. “I’m not finished with you yet,“ grumbled the Robot in a deep and frightening voice. “Robot, robot! Run, run!” Philbert screeched. The party quickly ended. Gloria found an escape route and began to race through the rainforest. The rest of the gang followed her toward a dark opening in the side of a mountain. They were so close to the cavern’s entrance that they could see stalagmites and stalactites forming within. Just then, the robot appeared and snatched them all into his gigantic hands! “Help! Help!” Philbert cried as he flapped his wings. Andrew tried to swing from the Robot’s tight grasp but was unsuccessful. Gloria attempted to beat upon the Robot but lost her strength quickly. With all her might, Abby clamped down on the Robot’s hand with her razor sharp teeth causing the Robot to loosen his grasp around them. Andrew, Gloria, Philbert, and Abby tumbled straight into the Robot’s metal mouth! They found themselves deep inside. Philbert suddenly squawked, “Button, button!” As Philbert suggested, Andrew leaped and pressed the button. At that moment the Robot transformed back into a tree. The mystical hole that they had fallen through reappeared. They all climbed out anxiously. “Boy, that was quite an experience!” exclaimed Andrew. “Yeah, I told you that it would be too risky. Let’s go home now,” replied an exhausted Gloria. As Andrew and Gloria turned to thank Abby for saving their lives, Andrew added, “It was dangerous, but at least we found a new friend” “Abby! Abby!” squawked Philbert. The four friends headed home after a hazardous yet exhilarating adventure.

The Google Doc they used to create the story:

The Longest Trip

One day Harold and Lee were preparing for a vacation to Florida to visit their grandparents. They were extremely excited! Then suddenly, in the middle of their packing, they heard on the radio that the airport schedule was changed. All the flights were leaving early to avoid a lightening storm. Harold was shocked! Their plane had just left the airport and they were not on it! Harold exclaimed to Lee, “We better go to a different airport!” Then suddenly the radio announced that all the other airports around were closed because of the storm. Lee said, “That’s bad luck! Maybe we could get there another way.” “That’s a great idea,” said Harold, “but how?”

Harold and Lee sat and thought for a long time about how they could get to Florida. While they were thinking, they heard an ear-piercing crash that came from the attic.
"What do you think we should do?" asked Lee to his big brother. "I think that we should investigate!" whispered Harold. So, the two brothers cautiously walked up the creaky stairs and into the dark and spooky attic. In the corner, they saw a faint glow coming from behind an ancient dresser. In a moment of bravery, Lee exclaimed, "Help me move this dresser, Harold!" The boys struggled as they pushed and shoved at the heavy dresser. Finally, they were able to move the dresser and they gasped as they saw that the glow was coming from behind a small door in the wall!

All of a sudden Harold and Lee heard a loud knock at the small, wooden door. Lee tiptoed timidly over and opened the thin door quickly. Standing there was a large conductor of a train. To their amazement they saw a lime green, glowing train waiting on its tracks. Harold and Lee again heard the ear-piercing sound coming from the whistle of the train. The sound echoed for miles. The two brothers reached into their pockets and each found a golden train ticket. Harold and Lee then quickly ran over to the train and climbed aboard. The conductor walked slowly through the aisle to collect their tickets. “Where are we going?” Lee questioned. The conductor just looked at them and smiled suspiciously. Harold and Lee sat nervously as the conductor walked towards the front of the train. They couldn't stop thinking about their grandparents and if they would ever make it to Florida for their visit. "Where is this train taking us?" asked Lee. "I don't know, but hopefully somewhere near the sunshine state," exclaimed Harold."

After five hours on the train, which felt like twenty-four, they arrived in Miami, Florida. There was sunshine, oranges, palm trees, and tourist everywhere. Harold read a sign that said, "Welcome to Miami, Home of the Dolphins!" Lee shouted, "We're in Florida, Harold." "How did the conductor know where to take us?" Harold and Lee couldn't figure out why the train made a stop in Miami . . . until . . . The conductor and his assistant Mary came towards Harold and Lee. "Well, are you boys ready to ride the waves and explore the beach . . .?"

The Google Doc they used to create the story: