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November 19
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December 3

Once Upon a Zoo Time

Once upon a zoo time in a land not so far away, there was a very young and very confused zookeeper named Tom. Tom did not listen to the other zookeepers because he was brainless, curious, and lazy. One dreary evening, Tom was enjoying a fish feast with the penguins in their icy aquarium. When he was awfully full and extremely sleepy, he finally decided to leave. He was so delirious that he forgot to shut the door. Tom went to his filthy office and fell fast asleep.

While irresponsible Tom was sleeping, the starving penguins waddled out of their aquarium. They went all the way to the muddy pigs’ sty to eat their slop because Tom had eaten all their fish. Instead of eating, the penguin birds and the mammal pigs started dancing together while making their oink and squawk noises. "Oink, Squawk, Squawk, Oink, Oink," yakked the pigs and penguins. The hippos in the next pen were so grooved by the noisy animal music that they started dancing the tango right out their fences. The lions were so disturbed by the noise that they clawed their way out of their cages to join the crazy party adding an enormous, "Roar," to the unusual scene.

One by one different animals began to break out of their habitats. The elephants, zebras and giraffes went walking down the main street of the zoo right for the entrance. Of course, lazy Tom didn’t lock the front gate either. Soon, all of the zoo animals were running around the town. The alligators found swimming pools to swim in, monkeys found trees to hang in and the many reptiles found warm rocks to lie on. However, the penguins could not find a suitable spot. They wanted their frozen tundra back with their buckets of fish. So they started to waddle back to the zoo.

Tom woke up to the squawking of the penguins. He found them happily waddling around their habitat. He brought out the buckets of fish and fed them. They ate up hungrily and began to swim around. Soon, the other zookeepers were running up to Tom. “Where are the other animals,” said Bob. “We can’t find them anywhere.”

“What do you mean?” asked Tom. “They were here when I went to sleep last night!”

“Well I found the zoo entrance open this morning when I came into work,” said Sam, “They must have escaped!”

Soon the zoo began getting phone calls about the many missing animals. They could practically hear the screams of the women who found alligators in their pool and the lions on their front lawns.

Sam and Bob grabbed their gear and said, “Let’s go rescue our animals!”

Meanwhile, the alligators were getting bored swimming in the swimming pool, the monkeys were tired of swinging in the trees, and the lions had awakened from their lazy slumber on the front lawns so they began to search for the penguins because they wanted to party. They set out in search for the penguin's party. As they stroll down the busy main street in town, the lions spotted the brightly colored balloons lining the front entrance of the bank. There must be a party there! The excited animals dash toward the balloons. They form a line and do the cha-cha. When they arrive at the bank, there was no dancing, no music, and no PARTY! The animals were disappointed. Where is the penguin's party?

Sam and Bob recieve a frantic phone call from the bank manager informing them of the animals whereabouts. They quickly rush over to the bank only to find that the animals are gone.

Little did Bob and Sam know that the animals decided to all split up to try to find the penguin party. But before they split up, all of the animals made a stop at the local Radio Shack to pick up a few walkie talkies to stay in contact with each other.

Once they all had their walkie talkies, they all were out of the town as quick as a cheetah. The lions thought they should go to Texas Roadhouse to see if the party was at the steakhouse- YUM! YUM! But there was no penguin party there. The pigs went to the farm because they just wanted to roll in the mud- OINK! OINK!!! But there was no penguin party there. The monkeys went to Walmart to try to find the penguin party, but they just got distracted with all of the bananas in the produce aisle. They even forgot that they were even looking for a penguin party! After taking a dip in the pool, the alligators slid down the sewer to see if the penguin party was there. SNAP! SNAP! No luck! The elephants, zebras and giraffes all decided that they had had too much of the city life. They alerted the others by walkie talkie that they were heading back to the zoo.

Much to the zebras, giraffes, and elephants was all just a big trap.

The penguins were furious at Tom for stealing their food, therefore, the penguins wanted to started a prank on all the zookeepers. The penguins wanted to make a huge disaster in the entire zoo. When all the exhausted animals got back to the zoo, the main gate was locked. It seemed as if everything was backwards. The zookeepers were locked in while the animals were locked out. Mud was splattered everywhere in little tiny waddle footprints as the penguins made their way around the messed up zoo.

The monkeys climbed the gate and found their way to the zookeeper's office. When they got there, it looked as if a robber had been there. They couldn't find the main gate key, but they found Tom's suit. The monkeys climbed on each others' backs and put on the enormous, filthy suit. The monkeys wanted to put food in each animal's cage to give the starving animals some food. When the monkeys went to the penguins cage to put fresh fish in it, they saw the zookeeper coming, the penguins thought it was Tom and started to peck him. They pecked him so hard that the monkeys fell down. When the monkeys fell down, the key fell out of the coat pocket.

One clever monkey grabbed the key with his tail and opened the main gate to let all the animals come in. There were so many keys on the keychain that the monkey tried all the keys and still could not open the door. The animals were all crowding around the entrance wanting to get in because they could smell the food. All of a sudden, a key broke off in the key hole. A lion pushed the gate with all his might and reached around to put his long claw into the key hole and finally opened up the door. The animals sprinted to their cage to get their food. The zookeepers were so relieved the animals were back in their cages safely and eating, that they asked the animals what they could do to repay them. The animals wanted to have a party with the zookeepers and the other animals with lots of food. The zookeepers realized that Tom was the major problem and fired him on the spot. While Tom cried out in the darkness like a howling wolf in the night, the zookeepers and the animals celebrated all night long!