Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to your Teacher Leader. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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Please add your information to the chart. This way your classes can "see" where the story is traveling and have a chance to actually "meet" some of the students who collaborate on their story.

Teacher Leader: Sandra Wiseman

Contact Information
Due Date
Check When Finished
Sandra Wiseman
(Class 2)
Woodsdale Elementary
Wheeling, WV
October 29
Story-- Oct. 29
Mrs. Rabaduex
Timber Creek Elem.
Flower Mound, TX
November 5
Cathy Hart
(Class 2)

November 12

Shyam Sunder Malhotra

November 19

Sue Ireland
Skype: shamrocksue
Camp Hill, PA
December 3

Title (Given by the last class):

Start your story here:
Sam is a short, blond 13 year old boy. He lives with is tall, skinny Mom named Rose. Sam always wanted to have a monkey for a pet. Rose told Sam that they were going to have a big adventure to find a monkey. They packed their suitcases and got on an airplane. Rose didn’t tell Sam where they were going. After a long time they got off the plane and were met by a tall, blonde man name Zach. He told them that he was going to be their guide into the jungle.
Sam was very excited. He never expected to make a trip into the jungle to pick out a monkey to be his pet. Zack helped them pack their backpacks with the things they would need for the trip. He said they would be travelling for 3 days to get to the land of the monkeys. At first the trip was wonderful. Sam and Rose saw lots of animals and beautiful plants.
Then weird stuff started to happen. A big tree fell right in front of them and Sam was sure that every time he looked around he saw a big snake following them. Zach told them everything was fine and not to worry. They were spending their second night in the jungle and Zach told them that the next day they would be in the land of the monkeys. Rose and Sam went into their tents and fell fast asleep. Sam dreamed about the monkey that he would take home to be his pet. Sam was the first to wake up. He looked around and couldn’t find Zach anywhere. He woke his mother up and she looked too. She couldn’t find Zach either. Sam and Rose were lost in the jungle with no one to guide them.

Rose started to panic. "Should we search for Zach? Should we stay put in hopes of being found? Should we try to make the remainder of the trek alone?" she asked all at once. While she was running around worrying, Sam started remembering his dreams from the previous night more vividly. In one of his dreams, he was shown the way through the jungle. Oddly enough, Zach never appeared in the dream. Sam began telling his mom what they should do and his mom began to calm down. They had a renewed confidence about their adventure and immediately started packing up their gear. If Sam's dreams were correct, they didn't have much further to go before he would finally have a pet monkey.