Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to your Teacher Leader. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

Please visit the Instructions Page for more information.

Please add your information to the chart. This way your classes can "see" where the story is traveling and have a chance to actually "meet" some of the students who collaborate on their story.

Teacher Leader:

Contact Information
Due Date
Check When Finished
Liz Schinski
(Class 8)
4 Gulino
Dater School
Ramsey, NJ
October 29
Mitzi DeLeon
Lighthouse International School
San Jose, Costa Rica
November 5
completed 11/02/11
Stacey Hodges
(Dennis HR)
Zachary Elementary
Zachary, LA
November 12
XX Nov. 8
Jess Miller
(class 1)
Skype: JessMiller2580
Lenkerville Elementary
Millersburg, PA
November 19
completed Nov. 19th
Sonia Gubser & Kim Moss
(Class 2)
Skype: gubser_and_moss
Irving, TX
December 3

Title (Given by the last class):

Start your story here:
It was a bright, sunny summer day when David and his family took a vacation to Hawaii. While they were checking in at the hotel, David saw a sign for a new waterpark. He wanted to tell his family about the sign and also wanted the waterpark all to himself for a day. Once David’s family was settled in their room and unpacked, he asked his parents if he could leave the room. His parents said “yes” and asked where he was going. He told them…
"I want to go sit by the swimming pool and have a smoothie." David left the room with clear intentions of heading directly to the waterpark. He made a quick detour to check out the sign one more time, just to be sure he knew where to find the waterpark. While David was on his way to the waterpark, his family decided to join him by the side of the pool. When David's family got there, obviously, David was nowhere to be found. They all wondered, "Where could David be?"
David's dad, NIck, pleads with a nearby lifeguard, " Have you seen my son, David? He has brown hair, blue eyes, and is missing his two front teeth." The lifeguard regrettably just shakes his head no. His mother, Jane, asks the hotel manager, but he hasn't seen him either. No one seems to know where David is.
Meanwhile, David sets out on an adventure to discover his amazing waterpark. He locates the waterpark sign he had seen that morning, which tells him to follow the arrows. The first arrow directs him to the another sign which is located on an enormous wooden gate filled with all sorts of signs. "Which one leads to the waterpark? David wonders. He glances at all the signs. There were signs selling puppies, and signs about buying houses, and signs advertising guitar lessons, and signs inviting him to eat at a fancy restaurant, but he did not see his waterpark sign. Finally spots it. The sign read...
"Waterpark closed for construction. Will reopen in 2 weeks." "Oh, bummer!" David thought. Then he had an idea..."Maybe I can sneak in without anyone noticing me," he said to himself. He snuck under the locked gate and when he emerged from under the gate, he came face to face with a very large and muscular man. "What are you doing here?" the man screeched. "Didn't you read the sign?" David replied, "I am the official waterpark inspector, sent by Inspectors Inc., here to test all the rides to make sure they are safe and secure." "Oh I didn't know. Well then of course, you are free to ride," said the manager. With that David set off for a day filled with waterpark fun!