Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to your Teacher Leader. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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Please add your information to the chart. This way your classes can "see" where the story is traveling and have a chance to actually "meet" some of the students who collaborate on their story.

Teacher Leader:Sue Bailey

Contact Information
Due Date
Check When Finished
Sue Bailey
(Class 4)
St. Giles
Oak Park, IL
October 29
√ Finished 10/29
Tricia Palmersheim
(Class 2)

Grapevine, TX
November 5
Finished 11/05
Jessica Thompson
(class 1)

November 12

Barbara McFall
school skype: betsye.sargent
The Phoenix School
Salem, MA
November 19
finished & finally posted
Liz Schinski
Class 4)
Dater School
Ramsey, NJ
December 3

Title (Given by the last class):

Start your story here:

Two kids named Jack and Abby went to an old arcade. They were playing Pac- Man when the game started shaking. Suddenly they were sucked into the game. Weird music started playing, so the kids started to run away. All at once a pizza shaped yellow thing started chasing them, it was Pac-Man! A voice began speaking to them, It was the great Pinky! She said, “You will not get out of this game alive unless you defeat the great PAC-MAN!” Jack asked, “Great Pinky, how may we complete this task?” “You must team up against the great PAC-MAN to defeat him, then you will return to your normal lives.” Jack asked when the game would begin. Pinky said the game would begin in a few minutes. “Will anyone help us”, asked Jack. “Yes you will get help, Clyde, Inky, and myself will try to protect you during the game.” ‘The game is over when , either you die, or PAC-Man loses.” “Each of you gets three lives to try to kill PAC-MAN.” “Well these are the last few word I will speak to you, So bye-bye my friends I will see you during the game.” “But Pinky, wait, NOOOO!!!!” ‘I guess we better get going to the games, Let’s go Abby!”

Charlie, Adela, and Ebonie started to explore Jupiter. As they were looking around, they heard a loud pounding sound. The kids did not know what was going on until they saw a huge scary shadow. The kids started running away from the shadow thinking it was a horrible monster wanting to eat them. After a long time of running, they started to slow down. Then the kids turned around. They realized it was a tiny, friendly looking space squid. The squid introduced himself and the kids asked if he could help them fix their ship. The squid happened to be a great repairman. He would fix their ship on one condition. The squid could go with them wherever they were going next. The kids agreed to take him and they started up the ship without knowing where they were going.

As Charlie, Adela, and Ebonie were soaring through space in their newly modified XT-400-P4 spacecraft, they looked out the window and saw stars zooming past them. They were going to crash into their home planet Earth. Blue sparkling water lapped on the shore, the water reflecting in the kids’ eyes. They passed over Mount Everest, the Eiffel Tower and saw their destination, Massachusetts. With a crash they hit the ground with auto cushions activated, reducing the impact so that they wouldn’t crash as hard. When the dust cleared, they saw an arcade with only one game, Pac-Man. They hopped out of their spacecraft and went to check it out. With excitement in their eyes, they saw a big dusty red button with the word PLAY on it. Curiously they pressed it, and their excitement turned into astonishment as they got sucked into the game.

They looked at their new surroundings and saw dark blue walls around them. A gasp came out of each of them. They appeared blocky and then they realized they were really pixelated. A floating yellow sphere in the distance came upon them, so they decided to examine it. The yellow sphere popped and then disappeared revealing two figures on the other side. It was very surprising to see people, other than ghosts and Pac-Man in the game. The shadowy figures looked like they had human features, but they were pixelated too, so it was hard to tell. The figures started to approach. Charlie, Adela, and Ebonie hesitated, not knowing whether to run or stay. The unknown figures seemed just as wary to approach them. With low voices the shadowy figures introduced themselves as Jack and Abby, the ones who had gotten sucked into the game in the first place. All chose to team up. A loud crash made them instantly turn around to see Pac-Man behind Charlie, Adela, and Ebonie. Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out the cherries he and Abby had collected while they were struggling through the game. Each of them ate a cherry and started to glow blue and red. They all touched Pac-Man and he disappeared into dust, and they were out. The dust covered the five kids. The last thing that Charlie saw was a hard crusty red surface. When they regained consciousness, they found that they were on Mars. Red dust crunched beneath their feet as they stood up. They looked off into the distance and together they started to think of ideas about how to get off of Mars.
The Phoenix School