Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to your Teacher Leader. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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Teacher Leader:Kris McGuire

Contact Information
Due Date
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Kris McGuire
(Class 2)

been sick; will post story this week

October 29
Sue Bailey
(class 9)
St. Giles
Oak Park, IL
November 5
√ Completed 11/8
Dan Weber
(Class 2)
Davies Middle School
Mays Landing, NJ
November 12
done-November 16
Chris Taylor
Robert Munsch
Public School
Whitby, Ontario
November 19
completed December 2.
(Class 4)

December 3

Title (Given by the last class):

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She stared into the darkness. Nothing. GONE. It was all GONE. Everything she had ever known in her life, as a child, as a teenager, and even now as a young adult. She had heard of the effects of the nuclear bomb on television, but never knew it would impact a small town like Appleton this much. The whole town was gone, wiped out, just like that. All of her friends, family, and her home, were gone. Upon returning from college at Carnegie-Mellon University, She expected minor damage, but as she stared into the rubble, her worst fears became a reality. She didn’t want to think about the details; if they had died a long painful death, or simply never knew what was happening. But then again, she also had never expected everything and everyone she had ever cared about to vanish in the blink of an eye. The real question at the back of her mind that was unavoidable was:
Where to go from here?

Then she heard moaning. Molly walked towards the sound. She was completely unaware of what was around her, intent on finding where it was coming from. She saw a familiar body and the sound was coming from it. Molly put an ear to its chest. Nothing. She tried again. Suddenly, a hand popped up and grabbed her neck. Molly pushed it away and started running and screaming. She was crying so hard that she was blinded. Then, she ran into something. She noticed that she was cornered. Cannibals surrounded her! As the cannibals closed in on her, she recalled the events of the past three years. It all started with a friendly bite. Now, things were different. The cannibals had weapons. The was 3017, and the world was nearly ruined from the nuclear warfare of the cannibals. Now, even the colonies on Mars were in danger from the Interplanetary Ballistic Missiles. When the cannibals got hold of the atomic bomb, it was like the apocalypse. The cannibals had swept across the continent, and even people overseas were endangered. They would stop at nothing for an overdue snack, and would blow up cities just to eat their victims' charred remains.

As the cannibals surrounded her, Molly thought her world had come to an end. She fretfully backed up and stumbled over a sharp stick. Instinctively, she picked up the stick and slashed one of the cannibal’s legs. While she had the chance, she rushed through the cannibals. Bearing their teeth, one of the hungry savages lunged after Molly, barely missing her. Fleeing for her life, all she could hear was the fast beating of her heart and her heavy foot-steps pounding against the rubble. Putting a little distance between herself and the awkward cannibals, Molly ducked around a corner and realized she was trapped. Within seconds though, she felt two calloused hands grabbing hold of her feet. They roughly pulled her, and she plummeted down, into the earth. With a start, Molly collapsed onto a rusty, old mattress. Gasping for air, Molly’s head spun as she lay limp on the grimy, cobweb-covered, makeshift bed.

All of a sudden, a bright light blinded her. Blinking furiously, she struggled to regain sight. Sitting up abruptly, she quickly climbed out of bed. Her feet felt strange on the moist ground. Molly noticed a dark tunnel in front of her, and reluctantly inched forward. Immediately, two cold hands grabbed her from behind. With an ear-splitting scream, Molly wrenched the hands away from her frail body and sprinted with no reluctance down the dark, interminable corridor. Skidding to a stop, Molly paused as she recognized the face of the one who raised her. The dark silhouette called out her name. Stepping closer, a petite woman came into view. Molly’s brain went into overdrive as she stared at the woman’s warm brown eyes. Her mother’s eyes.

The darkness of the tunnel envelopes them as they creep through the cave. Her mother is alive! Unbelievable! She takes her down the darkened and narrow cavern as the cannibals roam freely looking for their next meal in the city above. Then a sudden crash activates all of her senses and reflexes. As the cannibal dropped down, she rushed backward grabbing her mother. As they stumbled backward, Molly's mother fell backward, taking her with her clutching her as hard as she could. The cannibal was upon them as a familiar figure lashed the cannibal in the back. The cannibal retaliated and the two rushed to the foot of their base as Molly wiped her face of the tears. She could never say good-bye. Molly's mother gives her as much information as she can to Molly. She explains that there is an antidote being processed and is currently in its final stage of development. The last ingredient required to complete it: a drop of cannibal blood. As if on cue, a legion of cannibals rampage through the front gates. As the resistance prepare for battle, Molly distinguishes something familiar about the leader's eyes; something oddly familiar but she can't just grasp it. Then it dawns on her that those are not just anybody's eyes, those are her father's eyes! But all of a sudden - like a candle suddenly blown out by a gust of wind - they're all gone. Then Molly heard several crashes and the cannibals are in the base and a piercing alarm is soon echoing throughout the building. The antidote is gone! Molly rushes to the chamber with a stake clutched in her hands and there stood her father in his mutated form with his clothes tattered and flesh between his teeth. She rushes forward drawing her weapon but she just can't do it. She drops the stake and falls to the ground sobbing. She's waiting for the end. "Come on .. you can and do it!" she snarls with her eyes closed tight, but he just stands there with his bloodshot eyes fixed on his daughter. She looks back toward him, but he's gone. "Congratulations, Molly" she whispers to herself, "you just let down the last hope against the cannibals." She lets out a heavy sigh. "Great!" she proclaims to herself in a defeated and sarcastic tone.

Like a candle blown out.