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Teacher Leader:Kris McGuire

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Kris McGuire
(Class 3)

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October 29
finished 11/08
Barbara McFall
class skype: betsye.sargent
The Phoenix School
Salem, MA
November 5
finished 11/15
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St. Giles
Dan Weber
(Class 3)
Davies Middle School
Mays Landing, NJ
November 12
November 16
Sue Bailey
(Class 10)
St. Giles
Oak Park, IL
November 19
finished 11/21
(Class 5)

December 3

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Mrs. McGuire's class beginning

Right now, I'm Medusa, with no parents, friends bailing, and grades slipping. I'm alone. I wasn't always like this. Everything was perfect. I was known as a "Barbie" but then all of a sudden, "it" happened, and you're probably wondering what "it" is.
To begin with my name is Madeline Corrino and my life was perfect until April 21, 2010. I was a seventeen-year old girl who was skinny, fit, had bright blue ocean colored eyes, blonde hair and was evenly tanned. I lived in an enormous house in California on the beach. I drove a yellow and red Thunderbird with dark leather seats. My parents worked as music producers and I got all the money I ever needed. But a drastic change took place in my life. On the night it happened, I decided to sneak out with the captain of the soccer team (also known as my sweetheart). We went to a drive-in movie.
While out enjoying ourselves, my parents yelled into my bedroom to come for dinner. When I didn't come, they began searching for me only to find an open book on my bed. Worried, they looked all over the house forgetting about the chicken in the oven. All of a sudden the house caught on fire, and my parents were trapped upstairs with no where to go...And I came home to nothing. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before I learned that my so-called friends were only there because I was rich.

After that horrible event, I was sent to my Aunt Jenny’s house in New York City. I had never really been outside my home in California. My old home was nothing like this bustling city. People were jostling each other, trying to get to the train, their cars, the airport, or some other way for them to get where they need to be. The city was like a gigantic beast that needed to be fed; massive, looming, and above all else, never completely explored.

I first met Jenny in Central Park. The officials marched me right up to her and said, “This is Madeline Corrino. She is now in your custody. Please sign here.”

After she signed, we went to her car. A small Toyota Corolla sat on the curb. I got in slowly, all of the life sucked out of me. My parents were gone and I was stuck here with my aunt, a person I had never even met. We drove home. Once we got there, she said, “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be in my office. Call me if you need me.” I looked around the small living room. A couch occupied the wall to my right. A small T.V. was set on a little stand on my left. The coffee table in front of the couch had a bag of potato chips on it. With a sigh, I sat down, simply wallowing in my own misery. What was I going to do?

One night I came home and had started on the regular routine when I was roused from my stupor by a gigantic noise coming from upstairs followed by a shout of joy. Confused, I climbed the stairs to check it out. Once there I noticed that the noise must have come from Jenny’s office. Reluctantly I slowly opened the door and peered in. The office was a small, confined room with a desk and a lamp. On the desk was a small laptop computer with the Apple insignia on it. The walls were covered in sticky notes, but the writing was on it was upside down. Papers covered the floor and on top of them was Jenny. It appeared she had fallen from a beam that was on the ceiling. Oddly enough she hadn’t bothered to get up, but was writing furiously on a random piece of paper. “If you ever want to be a playwright like me,” she said, “you have to think upside down.” She told me that she hangs upside down on the beam when she thinks, but she had fallen and had an inspiration when she hit her head. I was completely surprised when she asked me to come to her musical. Since I had nothing better to do I agreed.

I came with Jenny on opening night of the play, which was at the little theater that happened to be on our street. As I took my seat I never imagined what would happen there. From the moment the lights dimmed I forgot my troubles and was happy. I laughed and I cried. It was the most liberating experience of my entire life. When I got home I couldn’t stop talking about the play. It was the only thing on my mind. It had made me feel alive again. If only I could make other people feel that way. Suddenly, an idea struck me like a bolt of lightning. I ran up the stairs and burst into Jenny’s office. I stopped short in front of her upside down face. Before I could stop myself I blurted out, “Can I be in your next show?”

Flipping off of her beam she smiled at me and said in a cheerful tone, “Of course you can. One of my actors went missing last week. You can replace her!” I was filled with joy, I knew I could do this, but I knew that I could never fully take it on until I found that missing actor. I finally had a purpose!
-The Phoenix School

For the next few days, I decided to go out into the city, specifically in the neighborhood where the missing actress, Janet, lived to try and gather some information from local passers-by. When that provided no help, I went to the local police station and asked an officer if anyone had recently filed a missing person’s report. Discovering that only my aunt had filed one for Janet Wilson, he referred me to a detective as to what I should do next. The muscle bound, deep-voiced man behind the desk warned me that I should not get involved, as it could get dangerous if I kept looking. He assured me she would turn out to be fine, and most likely she just wasn’t up for acting the part of a play that is similar to her own dreadful past. Eyeing him suspiciously, I left the station and headed home, even more curious than I had been previously.

The next day, I headed down to the theatre with Aunt Jenny, fully prepared to perform my lines, even though I didn’t know them yet. I was just so excited! This was the first thing I could finally be happy about after…it happened.

As soon as I entered the gargantuan building, the smell of dust filled my nose and it made me wonder what all the plays in the old times were like here. I sauntered down the aisle between the velvety red seats. Once I reached the stage, I turned around to face the endless rows of seats. I expected to see no one and nothing. I wanted to take in the feeling of being an actress, being on the stage before the show ever even started. But, instead I saw someone, in a dark shadow in the very corner of the auditorium. Was it the actress, trying to relive her past?

The shadow came closer and closer, holding a figure in her hand. She started to run towards me. I ran towards the stairs and knew I was in trouble. I was up to the second floor when I felt a bullet nearly hit my head. I kept running to the top of the building and bullets kept passing my head.

"I knew New York was a bad place!" I yelled.

I was at the top while this woman kept following me. I knew there was only one thing to do. Jump. I saw a truck full of pillows at the bottom of the street. I could or couldn't make it. I was crazy. I heard footsteps getting closer and louder. I braced myself for the impace and fell. Screams filled my ears.


I blacked out. I woke up hearing screaming and scolding. I was alive, and in trouble. The truck driver started to yell at me in a foreign language. I had to ge home. I ran into my aunt's office, the office was dark. A light turned on a chair.

"Hello Madeline! I'm glad you could show up!" bellowed the figure. It was the actor.

"Who are you? How did you get here, what did I do?" I cried.

"Remember me?" he replied. He walked out of the dark. He was in a suit and he had a tie. "You hurt my daughter's feelings, you know the actor?"

I sure did remember him. He was the owner of another son's and audio company whose enemy is my dad.

I screamed in horror, begging for my Aunt Jenny. I ran up the stairs into my room, I started praying for my life. I could hear him getting closer and closer. Once he got up the stairs, I ran under the bed. He cam in my room and looked under my bed. I couldn't take it and SCREAMED!