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Mrs. Peters
Spring Lake Magnet
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March 20
Sue Henke
Fairview Elementary
New Cumberland, PA, USA

March 27
Katie McDonald
John R. Good Elementary
Irving, TX USA
April 3
Jessica Westhead
Westwood School
Hamilton, ON Canada

April 10
Marjorie Hessler
Rossmoyne Elementary
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA

April 17
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The Magical Piece of Chalk

One day, Madison was helping the school custodian clean the cafeteria. The custodian emptied the trash and a piece of chalk fell out. Madison saw it and picked it up. She thought it was just chalk that she could use on the chalkboard. Then she went back to her class and showed her friends Robert, Marco, Sasha, Ricky, and Jocelyn the piece of chalk she found.

When it was time for recess, they all went outside. Madison and all of her friends wanted to draw a huge circle with the chalk. They thought that the circle could be their spaceship. Madison gave the chalk to Robert because he was good at drawing shapes. All six of the friends stood in a circle so Robert could trace a circle around them. When he finished the line and made the circle complete, the circle turned blue and started glowing. Madison, Robert, Marco, Sasha, Ricky, and Jocelyn all jumped into the middle to see where the color was coming from. When they jumped in, they were transported into another dimension. They looked around them and didn’t see their school playground anymore.

They looked around and saw a jungle that they learned about at school. They saw green trees everywhere. It was very hot and sticky. They were afraid to step outside of the circle, but they wanted to know where they were. Marco was brave and decided to step out of the circle. He moved slowly and put just one foot out first. When nothing happened to him, he moved his whole body outside of the circle. They all saw this and then stepped out too. They tried to figure out where they might be, but they still couldn’t figure it out.

Just then, a little girl walked by them wearing sandals and a kimono holding a basket of fruits. She stopped to look at the strangers, but then went back to walking. They all stopped to look at her too. Sasha turned around and said, “I don’t think we’re in the United States anymore”. They wanted to know where they were and they thought that she could help, so they followed her. They tiptoed behind her so she couldn’t hear or see them. They followed her back to her house in her really small village. The little girl’s mother came outside to see her daughter, but she saw the six strangers too. The mother yelled at the strangers in Japanese. All six of them looked at each other and said, “What is she saying?” The mother saw that they looked confused, so she yelled at them in English. “WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING MY DAUGHTER?” Ricky stammered, “We’re sorry. Can you tell us where we are, please? We don’t know where we are.” The mother responded, “Oh, you’re lost? You are in Japan.” Jocelyn said, “Oh, now we know why you both are wearing kimonos.” The mother asked them all to come in for lunch. She showed them where to put their shoes and showed them inside their little house. They walked in and saw a little table really close to the floor. They all looked around for a chair, but there weren’t any. The little girl said, “We don’t have chairs. We sit on the floor while we eat.”

"What? You don't have any chairs in this country?" questioned Ricky. "Maybe lunch on the floor would be fun!" suggested Jocelyn. So they all sat down and had a delicious meal of fish and rice. "Hey! This tastes like sushi!" exclaimed Sasha. "Yuck! I think I'll pass," murmured Robert.

After lunch, the children said their good-byes. Marco suggested it was time for another adventure. The six friends gathered around while Robert drew a huge circle once again. After the children stepped inside, a greenish glow appeared. This time they were transported to an unusual island made entirely of candy. They noticed tree trunks made out black licorice, a rock candy mountain covered with whipped cream, Peppermint Patty paths, and a chocolate river. Madison gazed in amazement, while Marco and the others ran to stuff their faces and their pockets with as many treats as they could. When their bellies were full, Ricky groaned, "I ate too much." Robert said, "This sure beats sushi

The children were all sitting next to the chocolate river filling their buttercups with the delicious chocolatey milk, when Sasha suddenly fell into the river. "HELP!" She screamed "I can't swim and this stuff is sticky!" Marco, once again the bravest, jumped in to save Sasha. Jocelyn, always thinking on her feet, threw the pair a giant cherry lifesaver and a candy cane to use for an oar. But the current of the river was too strong and Sasha and Marco drifted away down towards the chocolatefall. The others ran through the fields of minty green grass in the same direction as their friends. They reached the edge of the chocolatefall just in time to see their friends take the plunge down into the giant pool of chocolate below. "Oh, no!" cried Robret, "How will we get down there with them?" Just then a banana split boat came paddling towards the lifesaver where Sasha and Marco were holding on for dear life. A short gingerbreadman leaned over the side of the banana and shouted "Hey down there, you need some help?" He threw down a nerd rope and pulled Sasha and Marco to safety. "Thank you, kind sir." said Sasha. "Oh, you can call me Dr. Peppermint" the gingerbeadman replied. "Dr. Peppermint, can you help us get back to our friends?" Dr. Peppermint said " I think we can do something about that." He docked the boat on the shore and instructed Jocelyn, Robert, Madison and Ricky to use the Airheads to make a slide down the cliff to the banana split boat.

As soon as the friends were reunited the sky turned a dark shade of gray and enormous cotton candy cumulonimubs clouds formed in the sky. Little candy sprinkles began to fall. Soon those little sprinkles turned into large gumdrops and jawbreaker hail fell from the sky. The thunder rattled so hard the poprocks were going crazy and flashes of lemon sour punch lightening lit up the sky. "YIKES!" Ricky cried "What's that?" "I think it's a taffy tornado" yelled Madison over the storm. "We've to get out of here" yelled Jocelyn. "Quick, Robert, draw us our ship" said Marco. Robert pulled the chalk from his pocket, and quickly sketched a circle on the pixie stick sand. The six friends jumped into the circle just as the taffy tornado barreled down the beach. A red glow appeared from the chalk line and the friends were whisked away just in time to avoid being sucked into the sticky funnel.

They landed with a thud in an unfamiliar place. Everywhere they looked all they saw were stars and floating rocks. "Where are we?" asked a confused Marco. Ricky responded, "I think we are in the Milky Way." "No, way the Milky Way is a chocolate bar," said a voice they didn't expect. The children turned around and saw Dr. Peppermint standing behind them. "Dr. Peppermint! What are you doing here?" exclaimed Sasha. "I accidentally got caught in your circle when I was trying to escape the taffy torndao. The next the next thing I knew I was flying through space with you!" "Oh, no! How are we going to get you back to Candyland?" asked Madison. "I know", said Jocelyn, "We could draw an arrow and write Candyland inside". The others decided this was a good idea. Robert drew the arrow and everyone jumped inside. Suddenly Sasha shouted, "Robert you didn't write Candyland, you wrote Canada!". It was too late to change it, the arrow was already glowing.

When they stopped moving, they felt very cold. They looked around and realized they were on the top of a mountain. "We should have worn our coats!" exclaimed a shivering Marco. "Are we really in Canada?" asked Ricky. "Look at the sign!" said Madison. They all looked over and saw a sign that said, "Welcome to the Canadian Winter X Games". "Hey look!", exclaimed Sasha, "There is Shawn White!" As the children were talking excitedly with Dr. Peppermint, the mountain began to rumble. "AVALANCHE", someone shouted. People started running in different directions. The children started to panic and wondered what they should do. Jocelyn noticed some snowmobiles that were not being used. They jumped on them and raced as fast as they could down the mountain. When they reached the bottom Robert quickly drew a circle. They jumped in just in time to escape the falling snow.

They came to a stop and went from feeling very cold to very hot. "Where are we now?" asked Sasha. They looked around and saw in one direction the ocean, and in the other direction the beach. "I think we're on a tropical island!", exclaimed Marco. "We need to get Dr. Peppermint home!", said Jocelyn, "And I would like to go home too, i'm getting tired from all of this travelling. Do you think we'll ever make it back?." The kids all agreed that they were getting tired and wanted to go home. As they were talking, no one noticed Dr. Peppermint running away down the beach with the chalk!. Robert was the first one to notice the gingerbread man escaping. "Hey!", he yelled, "Where is Dr. Peppermint going?". The kids turned to see him running away down the beach. Confused, the children started to run after him. "We have to catch up to him! He's got the chalk and its starting to run out!", cried Sasha. Dr. Peppermint turned his head back towards the children as he was running. "I'm sorry but I've decided I don't want to go back to Candyland. I like being away from home and I want to keep travelling! You are going to have to stay here!".

Dr. Peppermint didn't seem to notice the rock in front of him. Just as he turned his head, he tripped over the rock and the chalk went flying in the air. Madison dove for it, but the gingerbread man was faster and he grabbed the chalk. He quickly drew a circle in hopes to escape in time, however just as it started to glow all of the children caught up and made it into the circle just in time to be transported.

The transporter ended up transferring them back to their school. They were all out of sorts and ready to go home and get some much needed rest. Against their better judgment, they decided to use the last bit of chalk to see if their experience was really real. They decided to draw an arrow that spelled "Candyland" not "Canada". After they drew the arrow they were patiently waiting for it to start glowing, but nothing ended up happening. "What is going on?" asked Sasha. Marco answered, "I don't think it is working". Then Madison exclaimed, "Didn't we just have a really boring Math class?". Everyone agreed and came to the conclusion that it was all just a dream.