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Katie Dibble
Cedar Crest Academy
Clarkston, MI, USA

March 20
Vincent Hoover
Hillside Elementary
New Cumberland, PA, USA

March 27
Elizabeth Bonin and Sheila Ross
Fort Worth Academy
Fort Worth, Texas

April 3
Marjorie Hessler
New Cumberland, PA, USA

April 10
Lisa Nelson
Lighthouse International School
San Jose, Costa Rica

April 17
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Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to me. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote. Illustrations can be drawn and photographed or created using a computer program such as Kidpix.

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What a Hawaiian Vacation!

“Kids, get in car! We are going to be late for our flight.” Shouted Mom. The Adams family was so excited for their vacation to Hawaii. On their way to the airport, Sarah and Jack could hardly contain themselves.
Dad asked, “Jack and Sarah are you sure you packed everything?”
Jack and Sarah gave a mumbled reply to the question for the hundredth time, “Yes Dad.” It was going to be the longest flight they have ever been on but they had plenty of distractions. They each had their DSi, iPod and tons of homework, from the two weeks of school they were missing. They would be staying on the big island of Hawaii. As the plane took off, Jack and Sarah looked at each other and could not believe they were headed for the trip of a lifetime.
When the plane touched down in Hawaii, the luck of the Adams began to change. Sarah and Jack’s excitement had subsided during the long flight. Mom’s luggage was lost, Dad’s shaving cream exploded in his suitcase, Jack forgot his toothbrush and Sarah’s swimsuit got caught in the zipper of her suitcase and ripped. They all tried to forget the misfortunes and were seriously looking forward to the authentic Hawaiian Luau tomorrow.

When they awoke the next day Mom’s luggage was outside their door. While Dad’s clothes were being washed the Adams family went shopping for new bathing suits and a toothbrush for Jack. They returned to the hotel and mom and dad watched television and relaxed while Jack and Sarah went swimming in the hotel pool. The family was tired from the events of the last two days so they took a nap before getting ready for the luau. The family left just a little bit late for the luau. On the menu, there were only meat entrees. Disappointed in the lack of choices for dinner, the vegetarian family ate the fruit placed on the table. Discouraged by their practically empty stomachs, the family left the luau to go into town to find more suitable options for dinner. They discovered a restaurant that appeared to have food that they would like. As Mom, Dad, and Jack ordered their food, Sarah looked out the window and saw a cloud of smoke above a volcano.

As Sarah continued to watch, she nudged Jack under the table. Shocked, they gazed at the luminous cloud as it formed into an arrow that pointed to the volcano in Ahi Mauna (Fire Mountain). Jack and Sarah felt drawn to the mountain like a magnet. They asked their parents if they could go on a tour of the volcano the next day, since the officials announced that it was inactive. Mr. Adams thought it would be a fascinating adventure. Although Mrs. Adams had some misgivings, she agreed to make a reservation. The next morning, everyone was excited and ready for the tour. Amazingly, the hike up the mountain was breathtaking, as they saw the colorful and beautiful flowers of Hawaii. The terrain became more rocky and steep near the top of the volcano, so Jack and Sarah climbed up to take a look. Inside the opening, they saw bubbling hot magma. As they stared into the volcano, a lovely Lotus flower, unharmed by the magma, floated toward them. Inspecting it closely, the flower opened to reveal a mysterious message.

The message read, "Help me, I have been down here for 40 years!" Inside the lotus flower there was a key. Tied to the key was a note that read, "Go to the side of the volcano, you will find a hidden passage". Then, Sarah and Jack decided to search for the hidden passage. As soon as they turned the corner, the floor opened up from under them and Jack disappeared. A booming voice said, "Go to the Luau, someone will be waiting by the table for you!". Sarah ran as fast as she could to find her parents. When she finally reached them she said, "Don't worry I am okay, I will be at the Luau". She turned around without looking back and headed towards the Luau. When she reached the area there were a ton of people dressed up in costumes. By the table, as mentioned by the voice, there was a creepy native staring off into the distance. Sarah walked up to him and he finally looked up with a sly smile.

Sarah desperately asked the native, “What did you do with my brother?” The native explained to Sarah that she needed to solve a riddle before sunset or Jack was doomed. The native grabbed Sarah and pulled her into the rainforest. He reached under a rock and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Sarah slowly opened the note as if it might explode in her face. When she looked up the native was gone. Sarah read the riddle out loud, “The more you walk, the more you leave behind.” She stared blankly at the paper and began to walk towards the beach. As she trudged down the beach she noticed the various footprints of the other tourists. Some of the footprints were noticeably different than the others. The strange footprints had three toes. As Sarah looked at the strange footprints she thought to herself, “Footprints, footprints… that could be the answer to the riddle!” Right as she exclaimed this out loud, a voice in her head told her to follow the footprints. She cautiously followed the strange footprints until they suddenly stopped. She took one more step and found herself falling into a dark hole. “Jaaaack,” Sarah screamed as she fell further into darkness. She squeezed her eyes shut as she waited to hit the bottom. She felt something under her and opened her eyes. She was sitting on the airplane! Jack was shaking her shoulder and saying, “Sarah wake up, we’re landing in Hawaii!” Had she been dreaming? She looked out the window. The sun was setting behind a volcano. Sarah was startled when the passenger in front of her leaned over the seat and asked, “Do you have a piece of paper I can borrow?” Sarah froze. The man looked just like the native that gave her the riddle. Was it all a dream?