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Teacher Leader: Anne Reardon (

Contact Information
Due Date
Check When Finished
Lois Smethurst (Class 2)
Twitter: loisath
Skype: lois.smethurst
Berwick Lodge Primary School
Berwick, Victoria, Australia
April 2

Sarah Reed/
Andrea Dorsey (ITRT)
Flat Rock Elementary
Powhatan, Virginia, United States of America
April 9
Green Valley
Birmingham, Al, USA
April 16

Kathleen Sheely/Anne Reardon
Northside Elementary
Mechanicsburg, PA USA
April 23
Catherine Spavital
Condit Elementary
Bellaire, Texas, USA
April 30

Wow! Outer Space!

It was their first time on a school excursion and the three best friends were so excited. Tahlia, Josh and Bobby were off to the Space Laboratory to see the space shuttles. Tahlia who was a very practical and hard working girl made sure she had her “just-in-case" bag packed. Tahlia had just the right thing for every emergency. Josh who was always chosen as a group leader was just a little bit bossy but you knew what you were doing if you were on his team. Bobby was the most fun to be with, unless he got you into trouble because “Trouble” was his middle name. When the friends got to the Space Laboratory they were thrilled to meet the amazing mascot, Scruffy. He was a small cute dog but obviously very intelligent because he could talk. The children set off around the Space Lab with Scruffy leading the way.

Scruffy was showing them the spaceships and talking about how old they were and what they were used for. Then Scruffy showed them the inside of each spaceship. Scruffy, then decided it would be a great idea to show Josh, Bobby, and Tahlia what each button was used for. He was going to show them how to open the hatch on the top of the spaceship but he pushed the WRONG button. All of a sudden, the spaceship started to rumble and move! Uh, oh!

“Waaaaah,” screamed Tahlia, Josh and Bobby. Their cheeks were flying back as the rocket ship launched into space. When they got into space, they said, “Wow! It’s really dark out there!” They realized they were on the dark side of the moon. They could hardly see Earth anymore, and it was dark in the spaceship, too.

Scruffy walked over to the children and said, “It’s Ok, guys. I can turn on the lights and fly us home.” When the lights came on Scruffy said, “Uh oh. We’re just about out of gas. It looks like we have to land.” Out the window they could see a big, red, volcanic planet getting closer and closer. With a bump and a crash, the spaceship came to a stop.

Tahlia looked in her bag and pulled out spacesuits, jetpacks and walkie talkies. She said, “These are just what we need.” Everyone suited up and gently floated then leaped out of the spaceship. Josh gathered everyone around to make a plan. They jumped on a comet and surfed around the planet to explore. They saw a super nova and the asteroid belt.

While exploring, Bobby heard barking and noticed a red spaceship with purple stripes next to a volcano. They hurried over to it and found a little black puppy standing on top of the ship. Scruffy, being very intelligent and bilingual, barked to the other dog and found out that his name was Sparky. And oh---the story Sparky had to tell!

It just so happened that Sparky was the pet Leagle (a lab and a beagle) of Mr. Howington, the president of the Space Laboratory. Sparky told the friends that he was so hungry because Mr. Howington was in such a rush to get the excursion together that he forgot to feed Sparky that morning. Sparky was so starving by the afternoon that he crept out of Mr. Howington's office in search of food. By accident, he ended up in the spaceship but decided to look in the refrigerator anyways. He slipped on a banana peel that fell out and hit the "GO" lever on the ship. The ship blasted off into space so suddenly that he was pulled out of the ship and landed on top of it. And that is where Tahlia, Bobby, Josh, and Scruffy found him.

As soon as Sparky's story ended, they saw a gigantic asteroid coming towards them!! "Oh no!!!!", they all said together. "We need to move quick or we'll be crushed like bugs!" So they got out of the way and floated as fast as they could towards another spaceship they saw in the distance. As they got closer, they saw that the spaceship was sparkly and cream-colored. Just then, something came out of a microscopic door on the ship. It was a Blinosaur!! You know, a blue dinosaur! The Blinosaur had on a marvelous crown with rubies and gems. He began to tell the children that he came from the planet Bluto. "Bluto??", asked Josh. "Yes, Bluto. It is a planet filled with other Blinosaurs like me. It is wonderful!", said the Blinosaur.The kids were in awe as they listened and when he was finished Josh told the king Blinosaur about their problem. "Oh!", said the Blinosaur. "We have many spaceships that can take you back to your planet safe and sound. Follow me." When they got to planet Bluto they quickly went to where the good spaceship was stored and hopped in, eager to get back home.

When they all made it back home, everyone at the Space Laboratory was worried. Tahlia, Josh, Bobby, Sparky, and Scruffy told their story of being stranded in outerspace, the asteroid, Sparky, and about the planet Bluto and the Blinosaurs. They were given a medal for their bravery and for discovering a new planet! They were heros!! They all lived happily ever after together on planet Earth.