Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to your Teacher Leader. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

Please visit the Instructions Page for more information.

If you would like to share any contact information please feel free to add it to the chart. This way your classes have a chance to actually "meet" some of the students that collaborate on their story.

Please feel free to make corrections to your name/school/location or add the names of teachers if you are working with someone on this project.

Teacher Leader: Stacy Morris (

Contact Information
Due Date
Check When Finished
Lois Smethurst (Class 3)
Twitter: loisath
Skype: lois.smethurst
Berwick Lodge Primary School
Berwick, Victoria, Australia
April 2

Stacy Hodges (Class 2)
Skype: stacey.hodges2
Zachary Elementary
Zachary, LA, USA
April 9
Melody Welton
skype: melodyjwelton
Asia Pacific International School
Seoul, South Korea
April 16

Jill Voiland
Desert Moon School
Surprise, AZ
April 23

Lisa Saar/Stacy Morris
Fishing Creek Elementary
Lewisberry, PA
April 30

Start your story here:
Once upon a time there lived four great friends named Shea, Ondine, Charles and Marshall. Shea was funny, Ondine loved animals and was really good at computers, Charles was fit, strong and kind and Marshall was super intelligent. One Sunday afternoon they were bored so they decided to go to the aquarium. When they got there Charles who was always hungry insisted that they get something to eat and Shea (who was always hungry too) quickly agreed. They went to the food shop in the foyer of the Aquariuam to get their snacks but when they got there the ladies serving behind the counter were very sad and upset. Shea asked them why were they crying. The ladies explained that their favorite sea creatures had been kidnapped! Ondine was horrified and knew they had to help rescue the sea creatures. Marshall whipped out his notepad and started collecting clues while Ondine opened the laptop that she took everywhere with her.

Charles begins the search near the penguins. He tries to open the door but it is locked. So he kicks in the metal door with his powerful legs. Inside there was a bag full of squid with small black and white feathers everywhere. Charles now feels sad and hopes whoever has taken the penguins is not hurting them.

Marshall continues to search for clues by the shark tank. He finds a shark tooth and a thin patch of water. He follows the path to the employees’ office.

Shea who has forgotten how hungry was begins her search near the seahorse tanks. She is joined by Charles who is eating nachos—he has not forgotten about his hunger. He tells Shea about his clues from the penguin exhibit. Shea is surprised because she also found a small tentacle and wondered what it was from. Now they know whoever was in the penguin exhibit was also near the seahorses.

Ondine joins Shea and Charles at the seahorse tanks. She sees fingerprint smudges all over the glass tanks. She scans the fingerprints and searches the police database for suspects. Five results are found…

Result #1: E. E. Imp (Chimpanzee Man)
Male Birthday: April 4th, 1984 Height: 5 feet Weight: 40.8 pounds Allergies: Bugs, insects
Characteristics: Blue eyes, prune fur, wears cape, always wears hats, long ears, mouth size is same as a grown up person.
He is known to hang out with: Billy the Big Nose Monster
Crime: Stole $1,000. He shot a gun at a person before.

Result #2: Tory (The Ninja)
Male Birthday: May 4th Height: 4 feet Weight: 60 pounds Allergies: Apples
Characteristics: Only wears all navy blue
He is known to hang out with: Spongeboy
Crime: He is trying to steal sharks from all over the world.

Result #3: Miss Bop Star (The Sea Fairy)
Female Birthday: September 6th, 2001 Height: 5 cm Weight: 12 pound Allergies: Squid
Characteristics: her blonde hair is 21 feet long, she has mermaid legs, and wears pretty red glasses. If she gets mad her eyes turn red. When she’s not is blue (normal). When she is nice her eyes turn green.
She is known to hang out with nobody.
Crime: She likes to steal pearls from the sea.

Result #4: Spongeboy (The Sponge)
Male Birthday: March 4th Height: 3 feet Weight: 300 pounds Allergies: food
Characteristics: he looks like a yellow sponge.
He is known to hang out with: Tory
Crime: He is trying to suck all of the water in the world into his spongebody

Result #5: Billy (The Big Nose Monster)
Male Birthday: May 5th Height: 3 feet 6 inches Weight: 70 pounds Allergies: bugs
Characteristics: nose is as big as his face, bald (has a cap on his head), and penguins are his favorite animal.
He is known to hang out with: E.E. Imp
Crime: He causes natural disasters by blowing wind through his nose.

Ondine looked at her computer and is horrified…

Ondine couldn’t believe what her computer said, but when she looked up E.E. Imp was standing in front of them all. The four friends talked with him to see what he knew about the kidnapping. He said he didn’t know about the animal kidnapping; he was coming to steal the penguins but they were already gone. They locked him in a closet so he wouldn’t get away then ran off to find Billy the Big Nose Monster. Charles dressed up like E.E. Imp to trick Billy into telling him where the missing animals were. They found his house on Google and drove to it. After he was disguised, Charles walked up to his door. Billy seemed excited to see him and let him in his house. Charles looked around his house and found some suspicious items. He found a bucket of fish that was almost empty, a bag that had some squid hanging out of it and a wet pair of shoes by the door. Billy told Charles (who he thought was E.E. Imp) that he heard about a kidnapping at the aquarium. He asked Charles if he knew who committed the crime. Charles, with a disguised voice, said, “No, I do not. Do you?” Billy whispered, “Yes, I do”. Just then, a loud horn sounded from out front. Charles ran out of his house and met his friends at the van. When they opened the door, Charles shouted, “I know who took the animals!”

“It was Billy the Big Nose Monster that stole the animals,” cried Charles. “OK, what do we do now?” Shea asked. Marshall suggested that they call the FBI for some assistance (Charles wanted to run in and take care of business himself). Ondine pulled out her ipad and looked up the contact information for the FBI. “They said they’re on their way,” stated Ondine after she placed the call. Unfortunately, Charles was already running into Billy’s house. The kids rushed after him.

Charles wrestled Billy to the floor while Shea, Ondine, and Marshall got rope, duct tape, and a chair to tie Billy to. “Where are you keeping the animals?” demanded Charles! Billy’s mouth was taped shut, so he couldn’t answer. Charles stayed to guard Billy, Marshall waited outside for the FBI agents, and Shea and Ondine searched for the animals.

Ondine noticed some water leading to the basement. The girls tiptoed down the stairs in the pitch black. They heard some splashing and felt the walls for a light switch. Luckily, the girls found the light switch before they fell into the HUMONGOUS shark and seahorse pool that was in the basement. “We found them!” shouted Shea. “Wait,” said Ondine. “What about the penguins?”

The girls continued to search the basement for the penguins. They found a door that felt as cold as an ice cube and when they pushed it open, they saw the penguins slipping and sliding on their ice playground. “Great work,” said Shea. “I’m so happy we found all of the animals.”

Suddenly the girls heard thunderous footsteps above them. It was the FBI storming the house. The girls ran up the stairs and shouted, “we found all of the animals!” The FBI agents arrested Billy the Big Nose Monster, returned all the animals safely to the aquarium, and gave the children a medal of honor for their bravery.

“Wake up!” whispered Ondine. “We’re at the aquarium.” “What?” said Shea. “Where’s my medal?” “What medal?” Ondine asked. “The medal I was given for saving the animals” said Shea. “I think you were dreaming,” Ondine protested. The girls got out of the car and walked with Marshall and Charles to the aquarium. Charles insisted that they go to the food court first (he was hungry).