Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to your Teacher Leader. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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If you would like to share any contact information please feel free to add it to the chart. This way your classes have a chance to actually "meet" some of the students that collaborate on their story.

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Teacher Leader: Aleta Forkum

Contact Information
Due Date
Check When Finished
Aleta Forkum
Western Peaks Elementary
Surprise, AZ, USA
April 2
Meg Swecker/Amy Briele (Class 3)
Twitter - mswecker
Skype - sweckersphere
Green Valley Elementary
Roanoke, VA
April 9
images submitted 5/5/11
Kristen Thomsen
Lake Forest, CA, USA
April 16
part 4 completed on April 25
Christopher Lister
Skype: mrlistersd33
Central Elementary Community School
Chilliwack, Canada
April 23
part 3 completed Apr 20th
Kim Gill
@Gill_Ville (me)
@Gill_Villeans (class)
Ryerson P.S.
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Final part completed on May 4th

Title (Given by the last class): An April Fool's Lesson

Start your story here:
Today is April Fools Day, and I AM PREPARED! I have a bag full of dangerous things, such as: a carton full of rotten eggs, a whoopee cushion, bottle of glue, and balloons full of green sticky slime. As I walked into the classroom and got Mrs. Forkum’s attention, I tell her, “Some kids are fighting in the hallway!” Then as she leaves in a hurry, I pour the whole bottle of glue on her chair. When I turn to put the glue on Mrs. A’s chair, Cassidy puts glue on my chair. Then when Cassidy got up, Wesley and Tyler put thumb tacks, slime that smells like dog poo, glue, gumballs, and a whoopee cushion on her chair, woop…zoop…sloop, she tooted as loud as a cow! To get revenge, Cassidy pours fire ants down Wesley’s pants and a toad down Tyler’s shirt, they screamed like little girls! Then school was over and I was SO ready to prank my neighborhood!

The 2:00 bell rang, and I quickly got in line for the bus. I asked Cassidy to come over to help me organize my neighborhood prank, because she was obviously a clever prankster. Cassidy and I began to talk about the attack on the bus. We even discussed how we could use my pet crab, Jimmy! When we got to my house, we snacked while we plotted. Cassidy and I had Doritos, oranges, and became extremely hyper from quickly consuming two two-liter sodas and some Monster energy drink. We decided that we needed to run out to Jokesterville, our local prank and joke shop. Cassidy and I bought toilet paper, trip lines, more whoopie cushions, green slime, thumbtacks, hand buzzers, water balloons, and fake gum packets. We raided the refridgerator when we got home, and took all of the eggs. In our planning, Cassidy decided that we would make Justin Beiber’s home our first target. We quickly made our way toward his home, and began throwing toilet paper into the trees and bushes. I started throwing eggs at the house, when suddenly, the door popped open. CRACK! An egg smacked Justin right in the face! While he was wiping the egg from his eyes, Cassidy ran up toward him and stuffed Jimmy right down the back of his pants! We ran down the street, laughing as hard as we could, and eagerly approached our next victim.

After that, Jimmy climbed out of Justin’s pants and danced the Tango on his head! “Gaaah!” Justin tried to get Jimmy off, but Jimmy did not feel like getting off. He was having a very good time. He liked to dance. He decided to dance the Funky-Chicken instead. “Maybe Justin just doesn’t like the Tango,” he thought. Justin was not impressed. “Get this crazy dancing crab off of me, or I’ll turn him into a dancing CRAB CAKE!” he shouted at us. It was time to leave. We packed our supplies up and went to prank someone else. We were almost at the next house on our prank-list, when we noticed that something was missing. Where was Jimmy? Meanwhile, back at Justin Bieber’s house, Jimmy was hiding from Justin. He was done dancing. Justin scared him. All of a sudden... “Aha! Got you!” Justin grabbed Jimmy out from under the fridge where Jimmy was hiding. “I’ll feed you to my pet piranha!” he smiled evilly. “That’ll teach you to dance on the head of the most famous 17 year old singer of all time!” he carried Jimmy over to the fish tank... and at the same second that Justin dropped him, Jimmy jumped up onto the edge of the tank. The piranha, getting confused, bit Justin’s finger instead! “YEOOOW!” Justin Bieber screamed like a girl. While Justin’s mommy was tending to his boo boo, we quickly grabbed Jimmy (we had watched the whole thing through my binoculars) and set off to prank our next victim. Our next victim was Mr. Gunthrie, our Principal. We prank him every year; But this year was different. He was waiting for us with silly string and water balloons filled with oatmeal, maple syrup, and feathers. Before we arrived at Mr. Gunthrie’s house, we stopped by Jokesterville and stocked up on fake mustaches, wigs, and cleaning products filled with slime. Upon our arrival at Mr. Gunthrie’s house, we quickly changed into our disguises and rang the doorbell. Mr. Gunthrie opened the door holding his precious kitty, Fluffy; and in a booming voice he said, “What do YOU want?” knowing Mr. Gunthrie was a sucker for animals, Cassidy replied, “We are raising money for the SPCA, and in exchange for 10 dollars, we will clean your house.” With a devious smirk on his face he welcomed us in.
As Cassidy and I entered his house Mr.Gunthrie said, “I have to go to the spa and get my nails done. See you in a little while.” After Mr. Gunthrie left, we pulled off the disguises. I asked Cassidy to set up the trip wire by the door and set up the Whoopee Cushions under the sofa cushions. I noticed a note on the coffee table so I picked it up and read it--on it were instructions. “Hey look at this Cassidy…” I said, motioning her over. She joined me in reading the paper that happened to be a list of devious instructions for Mr. Gunthrie’s trap. I smiled devilishly; “I have a plan to make his pranks backfire…” I chuckled. Little did we know that Mr.Gunthrie plotted the finding of this note. Cassidy and I then raided the kitchen of its sticky supplies. Next Cassidy went to rub lotion on all the door handles to make them unusable while I went upstairs to find Fluffy and dye her pristine white fur a bright purple. I heard a clatter and a scream, so I ran down the stairs. There I found Cassidy pulling a bucket of dishwasher soap and maple syrup off of her now goopy head. “The cat knocked the bucket down and it landed on my head!” Cassidy squealed. I grabbed the cat, and tossed the fluff-ball into the kitchen sink. Fluffy flailed her claws every which way, as I attempted to dodge them. Cassidy was off trying to wash out the goop from her sticky hair. Having no help, I tried to pour the dye on the cat myself, but it jumped at me! It propelled itself off of my chest with its dagger-like nails. I fell defeated to the ground, staring at the retreating cat. I lay petrified on the cold tile as the doorbell chimed- echoing throughout the dead silence of the messy house.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gunthrie is not really at the spa. He goes to Justin Beiber's house. Mr. Gunthrie knocks on the door and Justin is happy to see him. Justin hadn't seen him in a while. Mr. Gunthrie started to complain about the kids and the terrible pranks that they were doing. They make a plan to team up to get revenge. They want to stop the kids from doing evil pranks. They decided to call the police and then headed over to the kids' houses to prepare to teach these kids a lesson. The two split up with one heading to Cassidy's house and one to mine. At both houses they throw the toilet paper over the house and out the windows. They grease the doorknobs on the front door. The two revenge-seekers hide out in a bush, waiting to throw eggs at the children pranksters. Back at Mr. Gunthrie's house, I get up off the ground and go answer the door. I opened the door and saw four police officers. We were so scared that we jumped out the window and ran all of the way home. As we reached our front doors, we both got hit in the head and gooey raw eggs slid down our heads and into our mouths. We reached for the doorknob and our hand slips off. While we were running around to the back door we got hit in the legs with more gooey, slimy eggs. The door is locked so we start pounding on the door and yelling "MOMMY". No one answers. Around front, the police pull into the driveways just before our moms get there. Mr. Gunthrie and Justin Beiber come out of the bushes to talk to us. Justin Beiber and Mr. Gunthrie apologize for throwing eggs but explain that they wanted to give us a taste of our own medicine. The police tell us that we have to clean up the mess at the principal's house and the school. We feel bad and promise to stop doing bad pranks and only do tricks that don't hurt people.