Progressive Story 13
Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to me. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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If you would like to share any contact information please feel free to add it to the chart. This way your classes have a chance to actually "meet" some of the students that collaborate on their story.

Please feel free to make corrections to your name/school/location or add the names of teachers if you are working with someone on this project.

Contact info
Due Date
Check when Finished
Kathie Sheely
Anne Reardon
Skype: areardon222
Northside Elementary School
Mechanicsburg, PA
October 23
Brandi Leggett
Prairie Ridge Elementary
Shawnee, KS, United States
October 30
Sara Stoolman
Korea International School
Bundang, South Korea
November 6
Jill Lynch (Class 5)
Skype: jillelynch
Point Road School
Little Silver, NJ, USA
November 13
Tara Fleisher
Mount Zion Elementary
Lewisberry, PA 17339
November 20

Title (given by the last class to write): Judy's Trip to the Future

Type your story here:

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, there lived a teenage girl named Judy. Judy’s long strawberry blonde hair flew behind her as she rode her pink pet cheetah through the grassy meadow and noisy forest. On her journey, she found a deep dark cave. Inside the cave was a strange box. It was red, black and green camouflage with sparkles. She rode closer and got off her cheetah to take a better look. As she leaned over the box, she slipped and fell into it. The box’s flaps closed and it began to shake. The box whirled, twirled, bumped and then stopped.

Judy opened the box and looked around. She smelled chocolate, rootbeer and mint. She discovered a hanging sign that said Judy’s Candy Shop. The shop was very popular and the line of people went out the door and looked like it would go to China. The candy store was 800,000 stories high, made out of steel and wrapped in chocolate. It had Reese’s Pieces doors, mint chip windows and licorice arms to catch robbers.

A bus stopped out front with a bumper sticker that said I LOVE New York. Twenty-two kids and a teacher got out of the bus. They were on a second grade field trip to the candy store.

The thrilled second grader's eyes popped out with joy as their jaws dropped to the floor at the sight of this breathtaking building. They anxiously strolled to the front doors of the gigantic candy store as a giant gingerbread man greeted them at the tropical Reese’s Pieces doors.

As the eager children walked in one by one, they high fived the gingerbread man while they jumped up and down with glee. The world’s expert of cookies was waiting to make them a warm, scrumptious batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Shortly after the cookies were finished, the king of this sweet and sour candy land walked in. Each child was told they could create their own delightful flavor of candy. The children were diligently creating each flavor when all of the sudden out of nowhere, the colossal Reese’s Pieces doors slammed like a clap of thunder. As the terrified students looked around, Judy suddenly appeared to their rescue. Instantaneously, Judy realized why she had been sent to this foreign place.

She realized she was in the mysterious box of the future. Her job was to save the horrified children and make the future better. Once she was next to the ghost candy shaped doors, she heard a person hollering, “You will be my slaves forever.” When the second graders heard this evil voice, they weeped out for their mothers and wanted to escape.

Judy whispered back through the door, “Who are you?” Out of thin air formed a Cotton Candy Monster. “Now get to work, sweep the shelves, wipe the tables and make all this candy perfect.” The second graders got to work instantly.

The students were getting very drowsy, but the Cotton Candy Monster did not let them sleep. The Cotton Candy Monster barked out more orders. “You should be getting to work now. NOW!” “Creeeeek!” unexpectedly, a freaky sound came from the ghost candy shaped door. The door clunked open and in rolled a CandyMobile with the Sweet and Sour King driving it. The Sweet and Sour King then put life into the cookies and candies the children were making.

The king was making an army of cookies and candies to set the children free. An army of 10,000 candies and cookies were now at the king's command. "Forward.....MARCH!" commanded the king. The sugar charged army marched towards the Cotton Candy Monster. The shoved their secret weapon into his mouth.....a veggie stick! Immediately, the Cotton Candy Monster started to choke. "AAAKKK", he coughed. Then the army of sweets threw a Fiber One bar directly into his mouth. "EEEEEWWWWW!" gasped the Cotton Candy Monster as he tried to run out the door. "Army, ATTACK!" said the king. "EAT THE MONSTER!" The army surged foward with their popsiscle stick swords and they each scooped up a wad of cotton candy and voraciously gobbled it up! The evil, menacing Cotton Candy Monster was defeated! The second graders were free.

They decided to celebrate their freedom by going to the top of the gigantic candy building to view all of the vast city. They wanted to annouce their victory to the entire city. But before they could talk into the microphone, they saw a cloud of cotton candy monsters and an army of gummy bears on the horizon. Oh no! What were they going to do now?

All of a sudden the 800,000 story chocolate building put down its strong and mighty licorice arms and crawled closer toward the gummy bears and cotton candy monsters. When the gummy bear army got closer, the licorice arms reached out and snatched them and chucked them all the way to China. The only thing standing between the second graders and their freedom was the cotton candy monsters.

Out of nowhere Judy leaped off of the top of the building and landed on top of a rainbow colored cloud. She started bouncing on the cloud as if it were a gigantic trampoline. On her tenth bounce the cloud shook and rain poured out of it directly on top of the cotton candy monsters. The cotton candy monsters faded away into thin air. Judy and the second graders were victorious!

Judy waves goodbye to the second graders as they rode away safely on their way back to school. Judy walks back into the candy to store and next to the giant gingerbread man she finds a box with red, black, and green camouflage with sparkles. The box senses that she is there and the top of the box pops open and Judy is sucked back into it. The box whirled, twirled, and bumped then stopped. Judy opens the box to find that she is back in the dark cave and her pink pet cheetah is waiting for her.