Progressive Story 14
Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to me. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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Joy Newcomb
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
October 23
Shyam Sunder Malhotra
st.simran public school

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Terri Schulz
(Class 1)
Twitter: terrischulz
Skype: terrischulz
Ensworth School
Nashville, TN, USA
October 30
Sheila Teri
(Class 3)
Skype: smteri
Trantwood Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
November 6
Jessica Marroni
Hillside Elementary School
New Cumberland, PA, USA
November 20

Title (given by the last class to write): Space in My Eyes

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“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” “Time to get up kids. Today is the big day! Today is the day you are going to work with your dad!” said the children’s mother.

Melissa and Jimmy couldn’t believe this day had finally come. For weeks they had been telling everyone in their school about getting to go visit their Dad’s office at NASA. They wondered if they would see a real space shuttle, or get to meet some famous astronauts… The two kids got dressed as quickly as they could, and ran downstairs to eat breakfast. Mom had cooked their favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, and bacon! They gobbled up their breakfast, gulped down their orange juice and politely cleared their dishes. They ran back up the stairs to brush their teeth.

After saying goodbye to their mom, they piled into their dad’s car and headed to his office. When they got there, dad showed them around the building. Dad bumped into Mrs. O’Hagan, one of his friendly co-workers. Mrs. O’Hagan knelt down to shake their hands. “Hello! What are your names?” Melissa was a little shy, so her older brother Jimmy introduced both of them “ We’re Melissa and Jimmy!”“Well it’s lovely to meet you. Welcome to NASA!” replied Mrs. O’Hagan.

Next Dad took them to the most exciting place at NASA; the space shuttle! Tomorrow was one of the most important days of the year at NASA. They were going to be launching a space shuttle to explore a new planet. Dad had one more check to do before tomorrow’s launch. “Now you two stay right here, I just have to do one more check, then we will go have lunch in the cafeteria.” “ No way! Can we PLEASE come with you? Pretty please!” pleaded Melissa and Jimmy, making their best puppy faces. “Ok fine!” said Dad “ Don’t touch anything though!” Melissa and Jimmy were so excited they couldn’t believe they were going to see the inside of a real space ship.

Just then, Dad’s boss, Mr. Arizona, came along. “Hey there Kyle! Brought the kids along today eh?” “Um yes sir, Mr. Arizona.” Dad replied. Dad and Mr. Arizona began talking about tomorrow’s launch. Melissa and Jimmy got bored very quickly. They decided to go check out the space shuttle on their own. “Remember, Dad said not to touch anything!” warned Melissa. Jimmy said, “I know! I know! I’m just looking.” But Jimmy couldn’t resist there were so many colorful and shiny buttons. Jimmy was pretending to be a real astronaut. “Houston we’re ready for take off!” Said Jimmy. He pretended to turn the knobs and hit all of the buttons on the dashboard, when he accidentally hit the launch button.

And what happened next couldn't be imagined. Alarms were all around and, with this noise, Jimmy got frightened and made a rush to Melissa, who also got frightened."What has happened?" everyone was asking each other at NASA. After hearing the alarms, Jimmy's dad and his boss Mr. Arizona made a rush to the space shuttle. THEN, the count-down began. Dad had a sick feeling inside that his children were responsible for the commotion. He and his boss started calling for the children, yet the alarm noise and countdown were so loud that the children would not be able to hear anyone call for them.

Still inside the rocket, Jimmy heard a clicking noise. "Oh, no!" he gasped, and his sister said, " I think that clicking noise was the door locking us in! What will we do now?" Both children tried to shout above the noise for help, but no one answered. Melissa and Jimmy were frantic. In an effort to stop the countdown, Jimmy started pushing buttons again. "What are you doing!" screamed Melissa. "Dad told us not to leave him, and here we are trapped in a rocket ship that is about to take off!" Jimmy thought he saw a button that would exit the rocket. He pressed the button down, and a nearby door opened. "We're saved!" shouted Melissa. They ran through the door, slamming it behind them. The minute they slammed the door, it locked. To their shock, they were not safely outside the shuttle. They were locked in the rocket bathroom!

Meanwhile, Melissa and Jimmy's dad became even more certain that his children were trapped inside the rocket- knowing his son and his son's passion for rockets, dad felt sure that his son's curiosity tempted him to go inside and explore with Melissa. Dad hurried off to the mission control room. The room was empty. Since he had plenty of years of experience working for NASA, he quickly located the Stop Launch button and pressed it. The countdown and noise stopped immediately. He had stopped the launch! However, he knew the rocket remained locked. It was dead silent in the NASA building. The boss took this as good news that the problem of the rocket accidentally launching was solved. "Well," he said, "No launch today, heh, heh. Back to routine! I'll pay for lunch! Let's make it a long one!" Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and left for lunch. EXCEPT dad. Melissa and Jimmy's dad exited the mission control room to find no one to help him. He just knew his children were in that rocket. He also knew that there would be little food, oxygen, and water in the supply area of the shuttle, since it was not stocked for take-off. Dad was left on his own to figure out how to free his children. He rushed back to the rocket and called loudly, "Melisssssa! Jimmmmeeeee!" No answer. But why? Surely they could hear him, now that the place was quiet?

Melissa and Jimmy's dad entered the space shuttle by pressing a code on a number pad. He searched high and low for what seemed to be an hour and now he had to use the bathroom. Another code was needed to open the bathroom door. When the door slid open the Melissa and Jimmy were very excited to see their dad. "Daddy! What took you so long to find us?" They ran to hug their father when suddenly they all fell backward. Dad's back hit the launch button AGAIN! The doors of the space shuttle quickly shut and countdown continued from where it left off. "Nobody can help us now!" They are all out to lunch at Nawab for Indian food and will be there for a while. The engines have started up and the space shuttle launched. Melissa, Jimmy, and their Dad were quick thinkers. They all got in some space suits and quickly got buckled in their seats. The children were happy but Dad was mad. Looking out the window they saw all of North America, then they flew over Australia. The space shuttle was on autopilot, programmed to visit a new planet. Hurray! We are getting ready to land. Out the window they saw what appeared to be pink aliens!

Creeek! The space shuttle made its landing, on the rocky ground of Planet Jupiter. Melissa and Jimmy peered outside the window, trying to get another look at the mysterious pink aliens.
“AHHH!” Melissa and Jimmy jumped back as a large alien suddenly suction-cupped itself to the window with a loud thud.
“What was that?” Jimmy screamed. All of a sudden, they began to hear booming thuds from all around the outside of the spaceship.
“What’s going on?” Melissa exclaimed.
“I think we are under attack!” their father shouted. Trying to remove the aliens from the space shuttle, their father revved the engine and it began to sputter. Suddenly, the shuttle blasted fire from the back and launched off the planet with a jerk. As the shuttle zoomed through space towards Earth, one by one, the aliens began to slide away from the windows.
“I think they are gone!” Melissa sighed with relief.
As the space shuttle came to a gentle landing back at NASA, disaster struck! The aliens they thought they had escaped were still suctioned-cupped to the tail of the shuttle! They had brought them back to Earth! Melissa, Jimmy, and their father watched in horror as the pink aliens flung from the shuttle and began to attack the NASA base. The beeping of warning alarms began to go off all around them.
“What have we done?” Jimmy cried as people began to run from the building, screaming in panic.
“Beep, beep, beep!” the warning alarms continued. “Beep, beep, beep!”
“Jimmy…Melissa! Can’t you here your alarm clocks? It’s time to get up! You are going to be late for school!” their mom said as she shook them awake.
“I had the craziest dream last night,” Melissa groaned.
“So did I!” Jimmy said, as he looked at his sister in surprised relief. After all, it was all just a dream. Or was it?