Progressive Story 18
Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to me. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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Sharon Konieczny
Red Mill Elementary
Etters, PA, United States
October 23
Christina Duncan
Gilman Elementary School
Gilman, IL USA
October 30
Anne Rayner
Malletts Bay School
Colchester, VT, USA
November 6
Terri Schulz
(Class 2)
Twitter: terrischulz
Skype: terrischulz
Ensworth School
Nashville, TN, USA
November 13
Cathy Bowler
Twitter: smallchangevb
Shelton Park Elementary School
Virginia Beach, VA USA
November 20

Title: Tricks and Treats

Chocolate, chocolate, candy is what this night is all about! Michael and Chloe are getting dressed to go out for their hunt for the most delicious candy on trick or treat night. “Michael let’s get going or the candy will be gone and we will have nothing.” yelled Chloe “Okay, I just need get my mask.” Michael and Chloe venture out into the dark, mysterious fall night. As they walk along the road the leaves fall, fall, fall from the trees and some fall into their baskets. “Yuck, I am getting covered in leaves Chloe. Let’s get out of here!” “Look at that huge house over there, let’s go see if they have any candy” remarked Chloe. Chloe and Michael dash off and up the steps to the house decorated with ghosts and pumpkins. “Michael do you want to ring the door bell?” “Sure.”

Ding Dong, Ding, Dong

The door opens and a person dressed as a Hershey’s Chocolate bar was standing at the door. “Trick or Treat,” screamed Chloe and Michael. Chloe and Michael select their own candy from the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar person. Chloe took a pack of skittles and Michael took a yummy, creamy, Hershey’s chocolate bar. Michael looks at the big chocolate bar standing in front of him and asks, “Can I have you too?” Chloe says, “Don’t be rude Michael!” Michael replies, “I’m sorry this small chocolate bar is perfect. Hey Mister, you better be careful tonight that you don’t get eaten though because you look really yummy.” “Thank you” said Chloe and Michael as they ran down the steps to look for their next house.

Chloe and Michael ran under the tree where the leaves were falling, falling, falling all over the place. All of sudden Chloe slipped on a large rock. Crrrrrr boing a door on the tree opens up…

Then Michael and Chloe see creepy, black, broken stairs in the tree that are going down. They get so excited by the stairs they drop their candy bags. Micheal says to Chloe "Do you want to go down there?" Chloe responds, "Yeah, maybe it could be cool."
"But Chloe, the stairs are broken." worries Michael. Chloe looks at Michael and smiles, "But not all the stairs are broken. Lets just step over the broken ones." So, Michael and Chloe decide to go down the creepy, black, broken stairs.

As Michael and Chloe slowly walk down the stairs they notice hundreds of spiders crawling on the stairs. Michael's face turns red, he starts to shake, and he lets out a terrified scream. Then all of a sudden the spiders all begin to talk at the same time.


Michael, after hearing the spiders and feeling very scared, says to Chloe, "Maybe we should head back up the stairs." Chloe thinks about what Michael said and responds, "Don't listen to the brainless spiders. Lets keep going until we get to the bottom of the stairs." Although Michael is scared he agrees and keeps going down the stairs.

Michael and Chloe continue to walk down the stairs. As they walk, the stairs make creaking and squeaking sounds for every step they take. As they go further down the stairs they begin to hear a super loud boom. It's almost like a sonic boom. Chloe wonders and asks Michael , "Where do you think that boom is coming from?" Michael, with a frightened face says, "I'm not sure but I think it's at the bottom of the stairs." Chloe replies, "Well, lets keep going and find out whats down there." The children keep walking. As they go further down the stairs the boom gets louder and louder. They finally reach the bottom of the stairs where the boom is so loud from.....

...a dragon, who is stomping as he tries to get into his Halloween costume so he can go trick or treating. Michael grabbed onto Chloe as she suggested, “Let’s go help him.” Michael said, with a shaky voice, “I think we should get out of here NOW.”
Hearing Michael’s loud voice, the dragon turns around face to face with the children. Chloe bravely steps forward and asks, “Can we help you put on your Halloween costume?” The dragon sadly nods his head yes with a whimper as tears fall to the ground. Michael whispers, “Chloe, what if this isn’t a friendly dragon?” “Of course he is,” says Chloe taking a few steps forward again. As she approaches the dragon, she looks down and sees that there is a splinter in the dragon’s foot. Michael says, “There’s no way I’m going to help. If you get hurt, it’s not my fault. I’m warning you!” Michael turns around and runs to hide under the stairs, despite his arachnophobia.
Chloe, standing next to the dragon, says, “I’m going to pull out the splinter now. It’s going to be okay. What kind of candy do you hope you get for Halloween?” As the dragon is thinking, Chloe carefully pulls the splinter out. The dragon looks down, sees the splinter is gone, and sighs joyfully with a small puff of smoke.
Michael cautiously peeks out from under the stairs. “Are you done yet?” “Absolutely, come on out,” says Chloe. Michael tiptoes out and joins Chloe next to the dragon.
“Let’s get your costume on so we can go trick or treating.” Chloe, Michael and the dragon look around for his Halloween costume.

The three new acquaintances quickly found the costume and dressed for trick-or-treating fun outside. "Now let's go back up the stairs and get more candy!" said Michael excitedly. On the way back up, the dragon's foot crashed through one of the broken stairs. "No worries!" came two voices from behind the dragon. "It's Rob and Bob to the rescue!" Rob and Bob quickly worked to free the dragon's enormous foot from the broken old stair. They were again on their way to an evening of trick-or-treating "See?" said Chloe to Michael, "We have avoided broken stairs, spiders, a not-so-scary dragon, one splinter, and a crash on that last step. Think of it like a fun obstacle course! What else might you expect on a night of tricks like this!"

Once upstairs, they started looking around the area for the next trick-or-treat house. The trick-or-treaters immediately located a small house a little way beyond the tree. The house was made of candy. Awesome. Rob, Bob, Chloe, and Michael sped to the house to take apart the candy door for their own. The dragon did not seem interested. Suddenly, the largest, ugliest, puprle-est giant they ever saw squeezed out of the side garage! He was carrying what appeared to be a machine gun. Chloe and Michael let out two horrifying screams. "What are we going to do?" cried Michael. Chloe, who was usually the braver of the two children, agreed. "Yeah," she said, "I'm about as scared of guns as Michael was of spiders!"

The dragon and Rob and Bob did not seem frightened though. "No worries!" chimed Rob and Bob. "We will help!" Now, Rob and Bob were the most talented and helpful tree squirrels in the land. They befriended the dragon many years ago when they found out they had something very important in common: they all breathed fire. It did not take the two fire-breathing furry helpers long to consider melting the gun with a big breath of fire. Chloe and Michael yelled, "Look out! That giant purple thing is aiming at us!" Rob and Bob quickly blew a breath of air toward the gun. To everyone's surprise, the gun shot out marshmallows instead of bullets! The marshmallows toasted before their eyes! "S'mores!" they shouted! The purple giant said, "Of course- marshmallows and S'mores. It is TRICK or TREAT night, and I have both for you, a trick and a treat- sure had you fooled!"

But the dragon was not amused. He silenced everyone with a huge breath of fire. "I have had enough of this. I have the biggest trick of the night! Chloe and Michael, you are not my new friends like you imagined. You are my TREAT tonight! I am mighty hungry after suffering from that splinter and crash on the stairs. I need more than marshmallows to fill my stomach. I will be eating YOU instead!" Chloe said in a frightened voice, "We have avoided broken stairs, spiders, a not-so-scary dragon, one splinter, a crash on that last step, and a trick gun. But I don't think this is a fun obstacle course anymore, Michael. We are surely doomed." Rob and Bob started thinking. They had always been loyal to the dragon, but the dragon was not being kind to their new friends. In fact, he was being downright horrible. Should they help? Could they challenge the dragon and save Chloe and Michael?

Rob and Bob thought about it and decided that helping Chloe and Michael was the right thing to do. They danced around their new friends until they came up with a smart, but tricky plan. They turned to the dragon and said, "We triple dog dare you to be kind to everyone here and play a game of hide and go seek. We bet you won't do that!" The dragon scratched his chin and replied, " I will, I love games!" Rob said, "Ok, close your eyes and start counting to 100 and we will hide." The dragon stated counting and everyone else raced away. Instead of hiding, they kept on running, all the way home.
Three years later, the dragon was seen standing in the same spot, and was still counting. He never did his math homework, and never learned to count past ten.
The End.