Progressive Story 8
Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to me. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote.

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If you would like to share information about you email address, Skype name, iChat name, etc., please feel free to do so. Some teachers mentioned that they would like to actually "meet" some of the students that collaborate on their story.

Due Date
Jenell McKowen
West Manheim Elementary
Hanover, PA, USA
October 16
Karen Schneck
Cleveland Elementary
Fergus Falls, MN, USA
October 23
Jessica Shaffer
Chets Creek
Jacksonville, FL, USA
October 30
Mrs. Shearer
Fishing Creek
New Cumberland, PA, USA
November 6
Loyd Elementary
Fort Benning, GA, USA
November 13

Your story:
“Strike one!” yelled the announcer. Babyzilla and her gorilla parents were enjoying the Animal All-Star baseball game. The drizzle coming down at the stadium did not bother them. They were used to the rains of the tropical rainforest. Babyzilla was enjoying the last of her banana. She cheered as #59 Ben Tiger caught another strike. He was her favorite player because of his speed. Ben Tiger often caught difficult foul balls. The pitcher # 99 Johnny Monkey was winding up. He threw a fastball to finish the inning. Babyzilla and her parents lifted their hands high as the wave went around the stadium. Their team the Tropicals was winning against the Down Unders 7-6. Babyzilla’s stomach began to growl. “Mommy, I am hungry!” complained Babyzilla. Her mom suggested going to the concession stand for popcorn. As they walked together Mother Gorilla’s phone rang. Rrrrring-a-dddding! Rrrrring-a-dddding! While Mother searched for her phone in her purse, Babyzilla continued up the stairs. Before she knew it, she had lost her mother in the crowd.

Segment 2

Babyzilla was terrified. She ran to the fruit stand to tell the worker she had lost her mother, only to find that there was an enormously long line of rain forest animals waiting to purchase a snack. Suddenly, Babyzilla heard the ring of a phone. “It’s my mommy!” sighed Babyzilla in relief. She dashed towards the sound of the ringing phone. Just as Babyzilla reached for the hand holding the phone, she realized it was not her mother. It was Jenna Jaguar. “Oh no!” wailed Babyzilla. “You’re not my mommy!”

Babyzilla scampered up one of the gigantic rain forest trees that surrounded the stadium. Jenna Jaguar crawled up the tree after Babyzilla to find out what was the matter. “Stop Babyzilla,” cried Jenna Jaguar. Babyzilla was frightened and began to swing from vine to vine frantically searching the crowd of spectators below to locate her mother.

It was the bottom of the seventh inning. Babyzilla stopped swinging and clutched onto the vine. She listened to the fans singing out the old familiar song, “Take me out to the rain forest. Take me out to the game. Buy me some bananas and fruity snacks. I don’t care if I ever get back.”

The Down Under team came up to bat, trailing by one run. Leo the Mighty Lion stepped into the batter’s box. All of a sudden the vine snapped and Babyzilla landed with a thump on the ground floor of the stadium. Babyzilla darted under a gate, not realizing she had run out onto the field behind home plate. Crack went the sound of the bat as the Leo the Lion sent the baseball flying up behind home plate. As Babyzilla tried to rush off the field, she tripped on home plate and went flying through the air catching the ball in her arms at the same moment her favorite catcher, Ben Tiger, scrambled to catch the foul ball. Ben Tiger leaped up and to his surprise caught Babyzilla instead of the baseball. All the fans stopped -totally flabbergasted - as the picture of Ben Tiger holding Babyzilla up in the air with the baseball clutched in her arms appeared on the
jungle tron.

Segment 3
"That's my baby," shouted Mother Gorilla. She ran as fast as lightning to find Babyzilla. As she ran her heart pounded and tears filled her eyes. She couldn't believe that Babyzilla was lost and now she was starring at her on the jungle tron!

Nick, the red eyed tree frog, was standing in the long line at the concession stand when he noticed Mother Gorilla frantically running and shouting for her baby. Nick stops Mother Gorilla and offers to help her find Babyzilla. Together they ran towards the field. They pushed their way through the crowd and heavy rain started to fall. "Oh no!" wailed Nick, the red eyed tree frog. "It's pouring."
"Now we are never going to get to Babyzilla," cried Mother Gorilla. The fans in the crowd were running this way and that way. The rain made the bleachers vibrate. "We wil get to Babyzilla," Nick reassured Mother Gorilla. She looked out on the field and saw Ben Tiger carrying Babyzilla into the dugout. The rain came down harder than it has ever before in the Tropical Rain Forest.
"Rain Delay," announced the umpire.
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Segment 4
Immediately after the umpire’s announcement, a crack of bright lightning filled the sky. It was followed by a tremendous loud thunder. BOOM….BOOM…echoed through the air. The stadium shook and the thunder and lightning got louder and stronger.

As Ben Tiger was running toward the dugout with Babyzilla, he tripped and fell and slid across home base. Babyzilla bounced out of Ben Tiger’s arms and tumbled toward the dugout that was beginning to flood with water. As Babyzilla came drastically close to the flooded dugout, an enormous tornado rumbled like a train across the baseball field. It was heading directly for the dugout and Babyzilla. In an instant the tornado blew the roof off of the dugout and sucked Babyzilla up into it’s raging funnel as if it were a vacuum sucking up dirt.

The fans running this way and that way came to a sudden halt when they realized Babyzilla was spiraling up into the tornado. She was now spinning wildly and the twister was heading toward the spectators. “Help! Help! Somebody help me get my baby back!” cried Mother Gorilla. But the spectators ran for cover and tried to escape the path of the tornado. Nick, the red eyed tree frog bravely began hopping toward the twister. In the blink of an eye Babyzilla was tossed from the tornado like snow from a snowblower. Nick leaped to the top of the closest jungle tree and darted his long amphibian tongue out to catch Babyzilla.

Section 5
Nick caught Baby Zilla with his long tongue but the weight of the baby gorilla made him fall from the tree. The two of them landed on the ground with Baby Zilla on Nick’s tongue. “ge of my thon”. (He couldn’t talk plain because he had a baby gorilla sitting on his tongue.
The fans saw what was happening and sent for the doctor to get Baby Zilla off of Nick’s tongue and to see if he was alright. The emergency workers took Nick the frog away in the ambulance to the hospital to receive treatment for a sprained tongue.
Meanwhile Baby Zilla was soaking wet and muddy sitting in the middle of the field. She was all alone and crying for her mother. Her mother was still trying to find her way through the crowd of fans to find her baby. Sylvester Snake slithered up to the mother gorilla and said, “ssssstay here momma ssssssilla. Sssssssylvester Sssssssnake will sssssssave the day!” Sylvester then slithered out onto the field and wrapped himself around Baby Zilla like a spring. “I will keep you safe and warm.”
Tom the Toucan saw what was happening and swooped down to where Baby Zilla was warmly wrapped around Baby Zilla. Tom said, “I’ve come to save the day! When I open my beak roll inside my beak and I will carry you to safety.” Sylvester, still wrapped around Baby Zilla lay down and rolled into Tom the Toucan’s waiting beak. Tom began flapping his wings to lift up his load. He flapped and flapped and went nowhere. Oh no, Baby Zilla and snake are too heavy and Tom the Toucan cannot get off the ground.
Realizing what was wrong Sylvester rolled back out of Tom’s beak. Tom was very disappointed that he couldn’t save the day after all. He told Sylvester and Baby Zilla that he would go find Jack the Jaguar and see if he could help. So off Tom the Toucan went back to the dugout. Tom the Toucan picked Jack the Jaguar because Jack the Jaguar was a muscle builder. With all of his big muscles he would be the best one to lift Baby Zilla off the ground. Jack the Jaguar runs proudly onto the field! Jack says, “I’ve come to save the day!” Sylvester Snake unwraps himself from around Baby Zilla and Jack very gently picks her up by the back of her dress like a baby jaguar kitten. Jack the Jaguar carries Baby Zilla proudly in his muscular jaw back to the dugout and placed her down at her mother’s waiting feet. Mama Zilla was so happy to see her baby that her tears of sadness turned to tears of joy.
“Mommie! Mommie! I am so glad to see you! I couldn’t find you anywhere and it was really scary.” Baby Zilla held on tight to her mother giving her a huge hug and lots of kisses.
“Oh my baby!” said mother gorilla. “I thought I had lost you! I promise that from now on I’ll never answer my cell phone when I’m taking care of you! I will never lose you again!” Mother gorilla cried some more and hugged and kissed her baby lots more times.
Just then, the rain stopped and the sun came back out bright and clear. And at the same time, Nick the Red-Eyed tree frog returned to the dugout. His tongue was bruised but not sprained. He was very glad to see that Baby Zilla was back with her parents safe and sound. Everyone in the dugout was cheering for the happy reunion and for the return of the sun. Out of the crowd Johnny Monkey yelled, “Hey! What about the ballgame?”
The umpire stepped forward and announced that when Ben the Tiger slid across home plate with the ball and Baby Zilla, the other team was out. That meant that the Tropicals won the ball game 7-6! The crowd went wild and crazy with excitement!
Mama Zilla looked at Baby Zilla and said, “Baby Zilla, I think this calls for a celebration.”
Mama Zilla and Baby Zilla went to the Rainforest Café to celebrate with banana pudding and banana splits.
The End