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Lisa Saar
Fishing Creek Elementary
Lewisberry, PA, USA

March 20
Ann McDonald
(Class 1)
St Augustine's
Wodonga, Australia

March 27
Done :)
Tanja Solano
Fernandez Elementary
San Antonio, TX

April 3
Echo Horizon School
Culver City, CA USA

April 10
Linda Nitsche
East Vincent School
Spring City, PA, USA
April 17
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The Most Dangerous Field Trip Ever

Bump, bump, bump went the school bus over the rocks as Mrs. Saar's 2nd Grade & Miss Boyer's 5th Grade classes traveled to New York City for their field trip. “Are we there, yet?” “I’m getting a headache.” “Can I open the window?” “I’m feeling car-sick.” “Zzzzzzzzz” “What time is lunch?” “I have to go to the bathroom,” blurted a chorus of students as the bus continued the long journey from Fishing Creek Elementary to the big apple. Three hours later…screeeeeech…the bus finally arrived in New York City. “We’re here! We’re here!” exclaimed the excited students. “I NEED some fresh air!” said Mrs. Saar as they all departed the bus.

The wound up students, chaperones, and teachers began their New York sightseeing adventure. First, they visited the Empire State Building (the tallest building in New York City). “I hope I don’t drop my lunch,” said Miss Boyer. Next, they scampered over to the HUGE Toys R Us store. When they left, two hours later, the shelves were almost bare. After that, the classes attended a Broadway show called “Mary Poppins”. “Just a spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine go down,” everyone sang as they rambled, exhausted, yet excited to their last stop…the Statue of Liberty.

Waiting to greet them was Bob, the elderly gentlemen who was going to be their tour guide. “Hello, Fishing Creek Elementary School. Welcome to the Statue of Liberty,” said Bob. He leaned in and whispered, “Would you like to go to the crown and the torch? We’re not supposed to take groups up this late in the day, but I’ll make an exception for you.” “You bet,” everyone responded in unison. They scurried up to the crown and the torch as fast as they could, before anyone could see and stop them. The view was one of the most mind-blowing sights anyone had ever seen.

Because they classes were so entranced by the view, they did not realize the Statue of Liberty was being closed for the night. Before the doors downstairs closed, ninjas (disguised as regular people), snuck in and hid until they thought everyone was gone. The ninjas had heard there was a jewel worth $1,000,000,000 hidden in a secret passage way in the base of the statue and they had plotted and evil plan to steal it.

The classes finally came down and were shocked to see the ninjas. Miss Boyer motioned for everyone to quickly hide. As they peeked out from their hiding places the students observed the head ninja opening a mysterious door with a secret password. "Flying monkeys," said the head ninja and the door sprang open. The ninjas were astonished to see that there were 25 flying monkeys asleep surrounding the jewel. "We’ve got to stop them,” said Bob.

Part 2

The students were feeling scared and terrified. Miss Boyer and Mrs Saar were busy trying to calm the children down. They were whispering, “It’s okay! It’s okay! Calm down”. Bob was concentrating hard.
Meanwhile the ninjas were creeping very very quietly towards the sleeping monkeys. The monkeys looked very strange to the students. They had wings like the wings of a bat. They were orange and yellow. They were snoring and dribbling and just moving slightly.

One of the ninjas, a very clumsy one, stood accidentally on one of the monkey’s tails. The monkey stirred in his sleep and opened one of his eyes. The ninjas froze.

Part 3
The rest of the monkeys woke up and glared with their beady red eyes at the ninjas. Realizing something, or someone, had disturbed their rest, they dropped from their resting places and prepared for battle. Taking flight, 15 monkeys blasted through the roof and soared to the top of the Statue of Liberty; ten stayed behind and surrounded the jewel. The 15 monkeys turned and dove, blazing like fire, straight for the ninjas. Re-entering the secret room they wrapped their long red wings around their bodies, turning into flaming balls that scattered the ninjas like bowling pins.

The children and teachers cowered in their hiding places, afraid they would be hit by the scattered ninjas. "This is scary!" cried some of the children. "I wish I'd stayed home from school today!" "Oh glory, why am I here?" yelled another girl. "This is so cool!" exclaimed a group of boys. Bob, scared for the children, joined the monkeys in the fight against the ninjas. Immediately Bob took out one ninja. With the ninjas temporarily knocked out, Bob quickly pulled out of his Spiderman backpack an imitation jewel and handed it to the monkeys. The monkeys replaced the real Fire Ruby with the fake one.

One by one the ninjas awakened.

Part 4

The monkeys let the ninjas take the fake jewel when they awoke. The ninjas took the fake jewel and left the Statue of Liberty. They took a boat and sailed across the East River to Manhattan. The ninjas tried to sell the jewel (they didn’t know it was fake.) Nobody wanted to buy the jewel from the ninjas . The ninjas found out from the jewelers that the jewel was fake. The ninjas were angry because they didn’t have the real jewel!

Meanwhile back at the Statue of Liberty the monkeys hid the real jewel in a locked box and hid the key. The next day, the children, the teachers, the chaperones and Bob their tour guide left the Statue of Liberty as fast as they could. They went to the police station to tell them about the ninjas. The policemen decided to investigate the situation.

The ninjas went back to the Statue of Liberty to try to find the real jewel. The monkeys were waiting to attack them.

Instead of attacking the ninjas, the monkeys slashed through time and put the box in a different dimension.

Part 5
Bob’s news alarmed the police who headed straight to the Statue of Liberty to investigate. Meanwhile, the ninjas were searching the statue to look for the jewel. The monkeys had not returned. The police went to the secret room where the monkeys had been protecting the jewel.
Realizing that the situation was serious, the police chief called the President of the United States. Upon hearing the news, the President ordered the air force and army to come.
Within minutes a helicopter carrying the army and air force landed in front of the statue. A general from the army jumped out of the helicopter and ran to guard the entrance. The general went to the room where the policemen were gathered and asked. “Where is it?”
The police chief said, “I don’t know.”
Suddenly the ninjas charged into the room. The police and the army took out their guns and shouted, “Hold it right there. You aren’t getting past us!” The head ninja didn’t stop and tried to run past the armed men. The police were forced to start shooting and hit the head ninja. With that, the rest of the ninjas surrendered and were handcuffed and sent to jail.

With the ninjas were safely in jail, the monkeys sailed through time and Dimension 3,082, all the way through to Planet Ziggle to the land of the Monkey King. Planet Ziggle was a very nice place. It was sunny all of the time there.
All the monkeys gave the jewel to the Monkey King because it was so powerful. “It could destroy the world,” said the King. “We should hide it at Fishing Creek Elementary School. That would be a safe place to put the jewel because all of the doors are always locked.”
So it was decided that the Monkey King himself would travel back to Fishing Creek Elementary School. After much discussion and negotiation, school administrators agreed to the Monkey King’s request to hide the jewel in a secret place. To ensure everyone’s safety, it was agreed that no one would be told the location of the jewel.
After everyone had left all of the schools in the district, the Monkey King sought out the perfect place to hide his precious jewel. After much searching, the King said,
“That should be safe!” The place that the jewel is so secret that we can’t tell you. To this day, no one has ever found the $1,000,000,000 jewel.