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March 20
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April 17
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The Blue Light of Mysteries

Sam, Lily, Harry, Sally, Larry and I were so exited because we were going to Camp Rumpus. This was our first school camp and the whole year we were learning how to pack are suitcases without our mum’s help. On the day we were so exited that we got to school way too early.
My best friends are Sam, a sporty, fast boy who is a bit naughty. He has a mo-hawk. Larry is nice but a lazy boy who can’t be bothered to do more than eat popcorn. Sally is a sensible and calm girl and Lilly, a genius in the making. Me, I’m just ordinary and don’t have any special abilities that I know of … yet.
The first night at camp we went on a night walk in the forest. It was very cold so we wore very warm clothes. That is everyone except Larry who was so cold because he was too lazy to put his jacket and long pants on.
I started walking next to Lilly, and the rest walked behind us. Breaking the silence Lilly said quietly
“Are there such things as ghosts, because I thought I heard one?”
“No there is not!” argued Sally
“There could be” I said
“I agree” said Sam
“They could be lurking in the shadows watching every move!” Lilly said getting excited!
“We could be the first to see a ghost in the history of mankind!” shouted Sam!
“If it involves running count me out” said Larry
“There is no such things as GHOSTS!” Shouted Sally,
I was quite shy so I said quietly “Where is the teacher?” We looked around, there was no one to be seen except for us.
“Oh no” said Larry “don’t tell me we have no cosy bed to sleep on tonight”
“We will be ok” I said trying to be reassuring
“ITS ALL BECAUSE OF SILLY SILLY SALLY!” said Sam “too busy arguing about ghosts”
“LOOK LIGHT” said Sam running off

"Wait up", says Lily.

She leads the way to catch up to Sam. All of a sudden she stops, making everyone bump into each other.

I looked around, realizing it was a clearing.

Sally pointed, finally seeing why Lily stopped. We all looked up. There was a big, blue flying ball of light. I could make out a face. Then the light disappeared.

"Oh, my gosh!" said Lily.

That's when I knew she was thinking the same thing as everyone else. We all recognized the familiar face that disappeared. It was Sam...

“Sam!” shouted Harry rushing to the spot where the blue light had been. We all looked around in silence as if expecting Sam to reappear, but he didn’t. Larry’s voice broke into the stillness of the night.
“That’s what he gets for being so curious.” Larry sat down on a tree stump to rest. “If he had just stayed with us, this wouldn’t have happened.”
“Shut up, man!” Harry shouted. Harry, who I forgot to mention earlier, is a macho man who thinks he can do anything. Trying to be the hero, he jumped up into Larry’s face about to start a fight, and that’s when I noticed a flicker of blue light deep within the forest.
“Wait! Did you see that?” They stopped arguing and turned to where I pointed. The light flashed again.
“What if it’s Sam!?” Sally shouted as she rushed toward the light. We followed her down a rocky path that led to an abandoned building. Behind it was an ancient cemetery. At the top of the small, white building, we saw a tiny steeple and a broken cross.
“It’s a church!” Lily exclaimed. “See the stained glass window?” We all looked at the cracked window she was pointing at, when suddenly the blue light flashed behind it again, illuminating the face of an angel.
“Maybe we should stay here tonight.” suggested Larry. “My legs hurt from all this walking, and I’m getting hungry.” Groans arose from the rest of the campers, and that’s when I had to open my mouth.
“Okay, so you mean to tell me you’re willing to risk ALL of our lives just because your leg hurts and your stomach is growling?!” I glared at Larry.
“Pretty much.” He shrugged and started walking up the stairs to the double doors of the church. “Besides, what if Sam is in here?” Harry rushed up beside him, and they tugged on the heavy, wooden door. The door creaked open, and we joined them on the stairs. Together, the boys walked into the shadowy, cold sanctuary when suddenly I heard a voice coming from within the darkness.
“Help me…” The voice whispered.

We looked deep into the darkness. There lying on the floor was Sam. He was quietly crying with panicked look on his face. Suddenly, we heard a loud crashing noise and Sam started crying louder and with more panic in his cry, than before. A big blue light illuminated the room, blinding us. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared taking Sam with it! We all looked at each other with stunned faces.
"What should we do?" shouted Lilly.
"Look, there is the light, outside near the cemetery. We should follow it."I said.
"THE CEMETERY!!" everyone screamed!
"We'll die!" whined Larry.
Suddenly, lightning struck and the broken cross fell towards Lilly. The blue light swooped in and stopped it, taking the cross and Lilly with it!
"We must go outside to investigate" I said.
We left the church, walked straight into a huge labyrinth, where we promptly got lost. There were mirrors all over the maze. We saw reflections of blue lights everywhere. I walked to the left, Harry to the right, Sally went straight and Larry sat down. Harry met Sally near a statue in the center of the maze. I saw a flash of blue light. I called out to them......"Harry, Sally...are you there?" I heard nothing. Another blue light flashed, "Larry, Where are you?". Nothing! I could see the blue light bouncing all over the mirrors, but I could not tell in which direction it was going or COMING!
The earth began to shake violently. The mirrors began to shatter.

(*teacher's note*-I added the reference to harry met sally-tee hee) Good luck!!

Slowly the shaking began to fade, I felt a rush of cold air run through my body. I picked up a piece of glass, I realized it wasn't ordinary glass, it flashed with blue light. I dropped it and fell backwards. After I slowly stood up and made my way through the maze, I came across a tall mirror that seemed untouched. As I looked into the mirror I noticed that Harry was trapped inside, frozen in time. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. I tried to pull the mirror from the bush, but the bush held on tight and refused. I picked up a rock, threw it at the mirror, and the mirror shattered. Harry tumbled out, and hit the ground with a thud. He was stunned, though soon flashed with blue light, too. He stood up and screamed "I'm a macho-macho man!" I knew it was the real Harry, he was okay!
I told Harry we still needed to find Sally, Larry, Sam, and Lilly. As we made our way through the maze, of course we found Larry snoring beneath a tree, untouched.
"LARRY!" We both screamed. He didn't wake up, so Harry walked over and slapped him across the face, which woke him up.
"Who took me cheese puffs?!" Larry yelled back at Harry. "NO ONE",yelled Harry. We told Larry who we still needed to find and got on the move. We tried to make our way out of the maze ,but it was no use. We were running into dead ends at every turn. We were finally on the right path. As we turned the corner Sally was trapped in the vines of the bushes unconscious. Larry, Harry,and I realized this was a magical maze. With Harry's macho muscles he pulled away the vines that held onto Sally. She slowly became conscious again. Larry explained to Sally that we needed to find Sam and Lilly as soon as possible. We eventually made our way out of the maze and ran through the cemetery.
As we pass, we see two tombstones marked Sam and Lilly. I looked at Sally, Harry, and Larry. They seemed to be thinking the same thing I was. We all rubbed our eyes and looked at the tombstones again. They now marked Dave and Jimmy. With a sigh of relief, we kept running until we came across a pond that seemed to have something stuck at the bottom.
"I think those are human bodies. Let's check it out!" I exclaimed. We didn't care how cold the water was or if our clothes got wet, we all jumped in anyway. When we made our way to the bottom we noticed the bodies were Sam and Lily! They were again glowing with a blue light! Again with Harry's macho-macho mucles he pulled Sam and Lilly to the surface of the water. When we finally were all out of the pond on dry land we all wondered if Lilly and Sam would wake up. We tried screaming, punching, slapping, tickling, and pinching. NOTHING WORKED! They started glowing with a blue light and then Sam screamed "WHO WANTS A TOUCH DOWN?!" then Lilly screamed " WE WANT A TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!". Finally they both opened their eyes, Lilly was coughing up a little water ,but they were both okay.
"Lets get out of here" Larry screamed. It was first time we have seen him run since preschool! We all run after Larry down the road and then... BOOM!! We fall to the ground and when we get up the princapal is standing there in front of us. She says " What is going on here ?". Larry screams " BLUE LIGHT,CHURCH, BLUE LIGHT, MIRRORS, BLUE LIGHT, MAZE, BLUE LIGHT, POND, BLUE LIGHT, ALMOST DEATH, BLUE LLLIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTT!!!!!! "What?!" said the princeapal. Then Larry screamed " HARRY'S MACHO-MACHO MUSCLES HELPED TOO! We all gathered into the princapal's cabin and explained everything. Then she said " Oh, I see you used your imagination tonight, well run along now." We all looked at each other as we closed the door. No one belives kids anymore.