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April 17
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Your class will be writing ONE group paragraph(s) for the story (not each student). The first class will write the intro paragraph(s). Then the next class will read the paragraph(s) and decide how they want to continue the story. This will continue until the last class on the list writes the ending and gives the story a title. Your paragraph(s) will be typed onto this Wiki page. You will also need to send (email as .jpg) the 3 pictures to me. The pictures should illustrate events in the section that your class wrote. Illustrations can be drawn and photographed or created using a computer program such as Kidpix.

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The Magical Super Hero Guide

It was Saturday morning and Elizabeth and her brother Ben were walking to the library. Elizabeth was seven years old and her brother Ben was six. They didn’t look related because Elizabeth had black hair and blue eyes while Ben was blond and had brown eyes. They were good friends and went to school near their home in Tintan Town, California. They were on their way to the library because Elizabeth needed a book for a book report. She wanted a book about animals. She loved animals and especially sea lions.

When they got to the library Elizabeth asked Mrs. Brown, the librarian, for some help to find a book. Ben also wanted to get a book. He was interested in superheroes and wandered off to find a superhero book. Ben noticed a new book on the shelf called A Superhero Guide. He picked up the book and suddenly felt funny.

Ben especially noticed that he began to feel this way when he touched the book. He decided to do an experiment. He put the book down, felt fine, simply touched it again, felt funny. This time he noticed that he smelled a good aroma. Could it be the cake all the way from his mother's house, two blocks away? He placed the book back on the shelf. Now he smelled nothing. He picked it back up and smelled his mother's cake again! That was not all. His eyes tingled. He could see people’s skeletons, through the bookshelves and through the walls. Every word in every book was easy to see! Could it be x-ray vision?“Thud!” He dropped the book. The sound echoed through the library. As he picked the book up again, he heard Elizabeth's voice. "Hey, did you take the book called A Superhero Guide?" Ben responded. "Yes I did. I was going to ask you if I could check it out." Elizabeth looked confused. She said, "I didn't say anything. Were you reading my mind?" Ben picked the book back up and grasped it in his hands. Now he heard everyone's whispers turning into loud, clear whispers. Ben thought to himself, "I feel dizzy." He sensed that he was falling backwards but did not hit the ground. Then he was spinning as though he was stuck in a windy tornado.

Thump! He hit the ground. He looked up at a wide-eyed, enormous sized, Elizabeth who was shaking and screaming. He was so fatigued that he thought he was dreaming. Everything appeared, animated. Could he be stuck in the book?

Ben looked around and he wasn't in the library anymore. He tried closing hsi eyes to see if it was his imgagination. It wasn't. He then relized he became a cartoon and was in the book.
Then Ben said to himself "Where am I?" He tried yelling for help. "ELIZABETH! ELIZABETH!"

"Ben, I hear you but I can't see you. Where did you go?", said Elizabeth.
"I am in the book. Pick up the book so you can join me" Ben said.

Elizabeth pick up the book. She began feeling funny. Everything was louder, she could see see peoples bones. Then she felt dizzy and began to feel as if she was falling backwards and spinning.

She hit the ground and opened her eyes. "Ben, where am I?" she said

They both looked around and saw superheros everywhere. They were on the buildings. They were flying in the air. Ben and Elizabeth began to feel scared. They both felt a woosh of air. And standing next to them was a ginormous superhero!
"Welcome to Superhero Wold!" How can I help you?" said the strange man.
"Wow, how did we get into the book?" said Elizabeth.
"Well it is complicated physics and magic. Are you enjoying being a cartoon?" said the Superhero.
"Not sure yet." said Ben "My name is Ben and this is my sister Elizabeth. We were in the library checking out some good books and then we ended up here."
"Well, my name is Flash and I will be happy to show you around Superhero World."

“Superhero World is a magnificent island in the shape of an S made after a volcano erupted and the soil became soft enough to carve. All the Superheroes worked together to make the island look like an enormous snakelike S for every single one of us to have our place to be peaceful,” Flash explained. “Look over there is our tallest building The Empire Super Building and over there is the Statue of Hero Liberty.”
“CRASH!” Suddenly Superhero World started to rumble and crumble!
Ben exclaimed, “What is happening?”
“It’s an earthquake!” shrieked Elizabeth.
“Actually it’s a bookquake,” interrupted Flash with his voice echoing off all the buildings.
“Whoosh,” suddenly a tall man with a mustache and huge hands appeared. “Don’t worry! I came to save the day!” Bookquake Man sang as he held the town together with his mighty hands.
Just as Bookquake Man’s job was finished, a massive 90 millimeter pagewave started towards the town. “Have no fear! Wave Woman is here!” as a beautiful young woman with flowing water drop hair put a dam up to stop the tsunami.
Ben sobbed, “I think I am done with this. I want to go home!”
“Why is the author doing this to us?” cried Elizabeth.
Ben said, “I feel so strange. I think I need to sit down for a little while."
Magically, a flexible man came along and bent backwards so far to create a sitting place for Ben to rest. “Ah, Stool Man, long time no see! Thanks for making yourself into a chair for my new friend Ben!” Flash said with a grin.
Meanwhile back at Tintan Town Public Library, two children found A Superhero Guide on the ground and were arguing over who got to check it out.

As the two children continued to argue the lady at the desk took the book and put it back in the shelf. Mean while back on Superhero World a strange breeze was felt. “Whoosh”, Elizabeth and Ben were pushed by the wind and into the arms of the worst villain ever in Superhero World! It was Flash’s enemy, Dr. Crep. “So long Flash. Ha, Ha!“ said Dr. Crep. “I think not!” said Flash while grabbing the kids as he used his super powerful speed to push them into an alley. Everything grew silent and Flash was no where to be seen. The kids walked along the alley when suddenly they found a secret passage. They walked in and to their amazement saw a lot of costumes with lots of different colors. They decided to each put one on and they began to feel funny. “Could it be?” said Elizabeth. Yes! Both kids replied, "We have super powers!" Elizabeth was able to move things with her mind and Ben could run as fast as the speed of light! A note left in the costumes said, “Head east to the Superhero Time Machine and you fill find your way back home”. When they left the room, they found themselves in Super Villain World where everything looked cruel. Elizabeth and Ben used their superhero powers to reach the strange machine. They walked inside where suddenly the doors closed automatically, and the machine started to feel as though it was shaking and moving fast . “Wake up, wake up, Elizabeth”, her mom said as she tugged her to get up for school. When she opened her eyes, Elizabeth realized that it had all been a dream. As she got ready for school, she walked to Ben’s room and noticed a book on his desk. She looked down at the title and couldn’t believe what she saw! It read, “A Superhero Guide”.